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What happens when you spill red wine on your brand new carpet or rug? Often, you may feel like it’s the end of the world. Surely your furniture won’t ever be as good as new again.

The good news, however, is that it’s actually not impossible to save your carpet or rug. You can hire a cleaner or remove the stain yourself. This article will go through the ways you can clean wine stains quickly.

Use Salt for Carpets or Rugs

As soon as you stain the object, you can take a towel and dab the spot, removing as much of the wine as possible. Once you’ve done your best, you can then cover the entire stain with salt. Make sure that you cover it to the point where you won’t get to see the stain anymore.

Let the salt remain for a while so that it can soak up the stain and dry out. Once this has happened, the salt should have removed all the stains from your carpet or rug. You can then vacuum or discard the salt.

Use Dishwashing Liquid and Hydrogen Peroxide

The combination of dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide is almost always successful at removing wine stains from clothes. Combine the two and then pour the mixture over the wine stain. Give it some time to soak in.

The process shouldn’t take very long as you will likely see the stain begin to disappear almost immediately. Once the wine stain is gone, you can just place your shirt in the laundry.

Dawn dishwashing detergent is recommended for this process, and since hydrogen peroxide can cause some bleaching, it may be best to use this method for light-colored clothes only.

White Vinegar and Laundry Detergent or Dishwashing Liquid 

White vinegar and laundry detergent are other great ways to remove red wine stains, especially for clothes. Simply cover the stain with vinegar before immediately rubbing it in the laundry detergent.

Once this is done, you can place the shirt in the laundry in hot water, and the stain should be gone.

Using wine vinegar with dishwashing liquid is also great to clean wine from your carpet. Start by blotting out to remove the wine that hasn’t gotten absorbed. Then, you can mix the vinegar and dishwashing liquid with warm water before blotting on the wine stain.

Once this is done, you can place a sponge in cold water and rinse the spot until the stain goes away.

Clean Wine Stains With Us

Overall, there are several ways that you can clean wine stain from your clothes or carpet, but this has to be applied immediately. If you don’t see the stain coming off, you can always hire a cleaner to preserve the quality of your furniture.

We provide a range of cleaning services, including standard or deep cleaning. Simply let us know what you need at a point in time, and we’ll be there to provide!

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