Red Wine on Carpets? Oh No! Here’s What You Can Do

Did you make a mental note where you set your glass? Of course. Did it still get knocked over? Yep. Even the most careful of homeowners spill red wine on the carpet at least once. Regardless of whose fault it was, there's no need to panic. Just take a deep breath and begin these simple steps. [...]

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5 Tips for Getting Streak Free Windows and Mirrors

Do you have a hard time seeing through your windows? Are they covered in smudges and fingerprints? Do you find that even when you try to clean them, they end up looking streaked, smeared, and worse than they did before? If you answered, "yes" to any of those questions, you're in luck. Whether you're getting [...]

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Doing a Big Remodel? Here’s a Guide to Post Construction Cleaning

Your remodel is complete and your home looks incredible... under all of the dust, that is. Before you can enjoy your amazing renovations, there's still some work to do! Post construction cleaning is a drag, but an essential step before you can sit back and relax. Here are the hottest tips to make sure your [...]

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Forgiving Fido: Tips for How to Keep Your House Clean with Pets

Wondering how to keep your house clean with your pets running around? You're not alone! Animal lovers who can't live without their furry friends struggle with keeping a neat home every day, but luckily there are ways to have a fresh-looking house and have pets. Your cleaning routine may need some tweaking, but ultimately, it'll [...]

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Duster vs. Furniture Polish: What’s the Best Way to Dust My Home?

How do you feel about dusting? If you're anything like respondents in a Better Homes and Gardens survey, you prefer dusting to chores like cleaning the toilet and mopping, but you don't consider it quite as enjoyable as vacuuming. But when it comes to chores, "enjoyable" is a relative term. One thing you can do [...]

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The Dirty Truth: 4 Common Cleaning Myths That Are Making Your Home Dirty

It's a jungle out there, but sometimes it's a filthy, festering slime forest in here! You had better know how to keep your house clean if you don't want to be dirty. What you're Grandmother told you might not have been the most up to date info around. Don't you wanna be CLEAN? Keep reading [...]

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I’m Supposed to Do What?! 4 Home Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Cleaning house may seem like a no-brainer. Dust. Sweep. Mop - and repeat every week or so, right? Wrong! There's a right and thorough way to clean - and a wrong way. Cleaning mistakes are more common than you may think... and you could very well be making them. From cleaning oven glass to keeping [...]

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Tips for Moving in McKinney, TX

      If you’re selling your home this year, there are so many details to keep straight! Between cleaning out your home, packing your stuff, and moving your belongings, connecting utilities at your new home and setting up cut off dates for them at the old home, changing credit card billings and more…the last [...]

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