5 Post-Renovation Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that more than 50% of the houses in the United States are more than 40 years old? If your home is old, renovating it could increase its value, make it more comfortable, and allow you to sell it. While there are many benefits of renovating, the process can be stressful. Renovating your [...]

2022-09-13T10:56:35-05:00September 26th, 2022|

6 Signs You Need to Hire a Deep Cleaning Maid Service

Last year, almost 10% of all US households paid a professional service to clean their homes. You can, too! Hiring a deep cleaning maid service will ensure your home is free of dust, dander, and strange smells. Not sure if it's time to hire a professional? Here are a few signs it's time to call [...]

2022-09-12T19:33:35-05:00September 19th, 2022|

Cleaning Tips: How to Clean Furniture

If you want to keep your furniture strong and looking beautiful, it’s important to clean it the right way. But what is the best way? The best cleaning advice will depend on what type of piece it is and what material it is made of. Because of that, the process of how to clean furniture [...]

2022-08-12T08:15:10-05:00August 31st, 2022|

How Often Should You Use Professional House Cleaning Services?

Unfortunately, many people think hiring professional cleaners is only for rich people. But if you consider the amount of time and stress you could save, you’ll soon see it’s probably a great option for you. But how often should you use a professional cleaner? Whether you choose, weekly or occasional services may depend on a [...]

2022-08-11T18:47:35-05:00August 17th, 2022|

6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Maid Services

Did you know that most American families spend around six hours every week cleaning and maintaining their homes? With schedules busier than ever and less free time, it can be difficult to find enough hours to ensure your house looks good. Have you ever wondered how you can benefit from professional cleaning services for your [...]

2022-08-11T14:53:42-05:00August 11th, 2022|

4 House Maintenance Cleaning Tips

66% of Americans feel that a dirty or cluttered house induces stress and anxiety. Keeping your home clean is an essential part of house maintenance, from removing allergens to cleaning hard-to-reach nooks and crannies such as shelving and ceiling fans.  If you want your home to stay in great shape for a long time, then you [...]

2022-07-01T09:33:41-05:00July 1st, 2022|

The Importance of Professional Cleaning Before Selling a House

Did you know that median house prices are at an all-time high? With the average price sitting at $375,300, there's never been a better time to put your house on the market. But before you list your home for sale, you'll need to make a few preparations. Professional cleaning before selling your house can increase its [...]

2022-05-05T08:16:00-05:00May 17th, 2022|

How to Get Candle Wax Out of Carpet

Hiring a maid service can lead to a happier, healthier, and more productive life. Maid services free up your time so you can place focus on other areas in your life. Having someone there to help you clean up messes without the stress is ideal and beneficial in many situations. One of those situations is [...]

2022-05-05T08:14:24-05:00May 10th, 2022|

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Carpet?

It's spring and you know what that means: spring cleaning! While you should strive to keep your home clean all year long, as a clean home helps with mental and physical health, sometimes things fall by the wayside and a deep clean is necessary a few times a year. One area that is often neglected is [...]

2022-05-03T17:12:47-05:00May 3rd, 2022|

Cleaning Companies Near Me: Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring One

You possibly have more than your fair share of concerns as a business owner right now. Even though providing a clean and safe workplace for your employees is essential, you may not have the time to do so. A commercial office cleaning company can be a lifesaver in these situations. But you don't want to [...]

2022-02-16T17:01:35-06:00February 22nd, 2022|


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