Why Should You Choose Lemon Blossom Cleaning Services?

Is the thought of cleaning your home a daunting task that you don't look forward to doing every day? What if you could pay someone to do the dirty work for you? Well, you are in luck! You can hire a cleaning service to perform weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning services in your home. Continue reading [...]

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Influenza and the COVID-19 Viruses: What We Are Doing to Keep You Safe

As details of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) unfold I wanted to take a few moments to let you know what we are doing to keep you and your home safe. Like you, we are diligently monitoring the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as well as the World Health Organization (WHO) for updates and any [...]

2020-03-12T09:40:54-05:00March 12th, 2020|

Deep Cleaning vs. Regular House Cleaning: What’s the Difference?

You've cleaned your house tons of times. Hasn't everyone? But have you ever deep cleaned your house? There's a world of difference between regular house cleaning and deep cleaning. Curious as to what the differences are? We're going to get into them below. Regular Cleaning Regular cleaning is the type of cleaning that homeowners perform [...]

2020-07-02T12:25:05-05:00March 1st, 2020|

5 Advantages Of Hiring Professional House Cleaning Services

Let's face it, cleaning is a hassle. It takes time, energy, and buying all the proper cleaning ingredients can cost you a ton of money. So, why not hire a professional house cleaning service? They can do more than just take care of daily tasks—they can transform your home and make things easier and more [...]

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Is a Professional Cleaner Worth the Cost?

Having a home is a blessing. Whether it's rented or owned, having a place that's yours is the best. But with this blessing also comes the burden of maintaining it. Ensuring your utilities are working and repairs get made come with the territory. Yet there's one important part of having a home most people don't [...]

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Get That Deposit Back!: The Ultimate Move Out Cleaning Checklist

How much would you expect to spend on a move? The average cost of an in-state move is $1,170. If you're moving out-of-state, you can expect to pay well over $5,000. But don't think your only expenses will be hiring movers and buying boxes. There are also costs you may not think about. One of [...]

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4 of the Best Natural Cleaners You Can Use at Home

Are you guilty of cleaning your home less often than you should? If you don't clean your home as frequently as you ought to, what's stopping you? There are lots of reasons why people might opt out of cleaning their home, including the fact that they can't handle the strong fumes given off by most [...]

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Doing a Big Remodel? Here’s a Guide to Post Construction Cleaning

Your remodel is complete and your home looks incredible... under all of the dust, that is. Before you can enjoy your amazing renovations, there's still some work to do! Post construction cleaning is a drag, but an essential step before you can sit back and relax. Here are the hottest tips to make sure your [...]

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Pick the Pros: What to Look for When Hiring a Housekeeper

Letting a stranger into your home to clean isn't something you should rush into. If you're hiring a housekeeper, make sure you ask the right questions and get the right information. Keep reading for your quick guide to finding the right professional housekeeping service. What Does a Housekeeper Do? If you've never hired a housekeeper before, [...]

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Guests Coming Over? How to Speed Clean Your House

Socializing and entertaining people can be a lot of fun and rewarding but stressful if your place isn't clean. Do you have people coming over soon, but you don't know how to clean everything fast enough? Read this article to find out how to speed clean your place and get it ready for your guests. [...]

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