Our Selection of
Cleaning Supplies

Our cleaning products have been lab tested for quality, effectiveness and safety. They are eco-friendly, non-toxic and fume free.

Please Note: We do sometimes find it necessary on the first deep clean to use something a little stronger in the shower (chlorinated products) depending on the level of soap scum and hard water build up.

Our product list is provided for informational purposes.  We do, at times, use an alternative products in the event that a given product is not available from our suppliers. If you have specific concerns about the cleaning products used in your home, please contact us.

All Purpose Cleaner

Shaklee Basic H2 (organic) used for counter tops, vanities, painted cabinetry, doors, baseboards etc. Contains surfactants to live dirt. Will not cause “pitting” of granite, marble or quartz counters.

Scouring Product

Shaklee Scour Off Paste (organic) used for bathtubs, shower walls and doors, sinks, heavy grease build up in kitchens etc.

Hard water / soap scrum/ grout cleaner

Bio-Clean – contains non-chemical, non-acidic based cleaning ingredients. Bio-Clean will cause no harm or damage to skin if contacted. It is safe for use on glass, shower doors, toilet bowls, sinks, grout and more.

Germicidal Cleaner

Shaklee Basic G (not organic) used for toilets, door knobs, light switch plates. Basic G is EPA certified and government testing demonstrates that it’s effective against 40 different microbes (killing 99.9% of bacteria). EPA testing states it’s better for the environment and safer for the user than mainstream alternatives.

Furniture Polishing

Greenhome’s Formula N-11. A non-toxic emulsion containing citrus solvents and polymers which clean, polish, protects and restores wood surfaces. Does not contain wax.


Odoban No Rinse – Neutral pH Floor Cleaner
OdoBan® No Rinse Neutral pH Floor Cleaner provides remarkable floor cleaning power without harsh chemicals. Made with naturally-derived surfactants to safely clean hard floors*, including finished wood floors. Leaves surfaces shining and streak-free, with a delightful, light citrus scent. Cleans, deodorizes, and restores shine

Mirrors and Glass

Special microfiber “glass” towels from Uline leave no lint.

Surface Cleaning

Our microfiber towels are supplied freshly sanitized and plastic wrapped to our facility twice weekly by MetroLinen Corp. (same supplier for the local hospitals). This ensures that the cleaning towels used in your home have been hospital grade sanitized and contain no residues or odors unlike many other cleaning services.

Sponges and Crevice Brushes

These are color coded to prevent cross contamination between kitchen and bathrooms.

Toilet Cleaning

is performed by hand with Basic G and Scour Off paste using disposable scrub pads and gloves. We do not carry toilet brushes from one home to another. Each toilet in your home is cleaned using a fresh pad and gloves which are then discarded.


We use two vacuums. Our upright vacuum for carpeting is green certified with a closed system and is a professional Sanitaire vacuum made by Electrolux. Our Canister vacuum is a commercial grade, shoulder hung vacuum with a natural horse -hair floor attachment for safe use on your hard flooring. Floor brushes and canister bags are washed and sanitized daily. Both of these vacuums are CRI Seal Approved.

Optional Products (your discretion)

  • Weiman’s Stainless Steel Polish may be used if you prefer a high gloss shine on your stainless kitchen appliances. This product is not eco friendly and if you prefer we not use it a note will be added to your home’s cleaning profile to that effect.

Please note: Due to time constraints we can not perform an all natural cleaning on your oven interior. While baking soda and vinegar are effective, they typically require 8-12 hours to work. For this reason, your oven cleaning will include the use of Easy Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner. We recommend that children, pets or individuals with allergies or respiratory issues remain outside the kitchen area for the duration of the oven cleaning process. (2 – 3 hours)