Dirty Mop: How to Clean a Mop Head

There's nothing better than the immaculate sparkle of a floor mopped moments prior. Unfortunately, your mop may be hiding a dirty secret! Studies show that some mop heads carry more than eight million bacteria per 100 centimeters squared! That means some floors are dirtier after mopping!  The only way to remedy this disaster is to clean [...]

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Red Wine on Carpets? Oh No! Here’s What You Can Do

Did you make a mental note where you set your glass? Of course. Did it still get knocked over? Yep. Even the most careful of homeowners spill red wine on the carpet at least once. Regardless of whose fault it was, there's no need to panic. Just take a deep breath and begin these simple steps. [...]

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How Dust Particles in Your Home Could Be Impacting Your Health

Dust bunnies aren't as cute as they sound. Especially, when you realize how harmful they can be.  Though you are under the impression that dust is mostly just dead skin cells, very little of what makes up dust is actually human. So, what is dust made of? Dust particles form from dirt, pet dander, fibers [...]

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5 Tips for Getting Streak Free Windows and Mirrors

Do you have a hard time seeing through your windows? Are they covered in smudges and fingerprints? Do you find that even when you try to clean them, they end up looking streaked, smeared, and worse than they did before? If you answered, "yes" to any of those questions, you're in luck. Whether you're getting [...]

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Here’s How Often You Should Clean Everything in Your Home

Tiny spiders that are naked to the human eye are clinging to your bedding and can even send you to the hospital all because you may not be cleaning according to the right schedule.   This is a disconcerting thought, but luckily it's easy to avoid. Cleaning on a schedule keeps your house in shape, [...]

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How to Mop a Floor the Right Way

If you're a homeowner, you probably have felt overwhelmed with cleaning before. Since the median size for a home is 2,224 square feet, this is completely understandable. One chore that you might feel overwhelmed with is mopping- after all, it's a pretty long and daunting process that requires preparation and understanding. You might be asking exactly [...]

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How to Make Cleaning Fun for Your Kids

When you realize your kitchen sink may be dirtier than your toilet seat, you quickly find the motivation to pick up a rag and start cleaning. Most of us try to rally the whole family into helping with the task, yet getting your kids to do their chores can feel like a chore within itself.  For [...]

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How to Clean Walls and Baseboards Like a Pro

No one wants to clean the house, and many are willing to cut a few corners. Walls and baseboards may not seem like cleaning necessities, but they accumulate dirt and grime like the floors and furniture. You'd never consider not vacuuming or dusting, but cleaning the walls and baseboards...well, you can get to that next [...]

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