How to Remove Old Stains From Carpets: The Best Tips and Tricks

Coffee, tea, and chocolate have two things in common. They're all comforting pick-me-ups that can also stain your carpet. Don't worry, even if you live in a home with carpet you can still indulge every once in a while. Getting a fresh stain on the carpet is one thing, but what about when you find [...]

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7 Simple Backyard Cleaning Tips You Should Know

Fall is one of the best times to enjoy your garden as you can start growing cool-season veggies and herbs without being bombarded by pests. Gardens signal fall’s arrival with trees shedding their leaves and the last of the harvest ready to pick. Not sure where to start in your backyard cleaning? Read on to find [...]

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The Complete Guide to Cleaning Electronics Without Damaging Them

Even if you're a complete neat freak, the electronics around your home are bound to get a little dirty now and then. It's just natural. The question then becomes how best to keep the grime away without damaging these expensive and complicated machines. After all, these items are not always as resilient as you would [...]

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How to Deep Clean a Bathroom in 7 Easy Steps

You should aim to clean your bathroom once a week to prevent illness and any bacteria build-up. There are many ways to do this from buying cleaning products from the local grocery store to mixing a homemade cleaner. Not 100% sure how to deep clean a bathroom? Read on to find out. 1. Cleaning the [...]

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How To Get Crayon Off Walls In Minutes

Before you have your first baby, parenting classes will teach you how to change diapers, but they never tackle the more confusing problem of how to remove crayon marks from the wall. But have no fear! We’re going to tell you how to get crayon off walls in minutes. It’s better to go into battle [...]

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5 Advantages Of Hiring Professional House Cleaning Services

Let's face it, cleaning is a hassle. It takes time, energy, and buying all the proper cleaning ingredients can cost you a ton of money. So, why not hire a professional house cleaning service? They can do more than just take care of daily tasks—they can transform your home and make things easier and more [...]

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4 Effective Ways To Dust With The Best Duster

There are many useful tricks to use to make dusting your house or apartment easier, and part of that is using the best duster for the job. Keep reading to learn about which duster is the best to tackle all the dust in your home. 1. Microfiber Cloth A microfiber cloth is made up of [...]

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Best Way To Mop When You Don’t Have Much Time

Do you have enough time to clean? If not, you are one of the 40 percent of Americans that say they don't have enough time to clean. Picking up clutter, vacuuming the carpet, and washing dishes are typically top priorities. Looking for the best way to mop? Don't let your floors go dirty—here are some [...]

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Easy Tips for Deep Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Did you know that hardwood floors weren't popular in homes until the late 19th century? With so much elegance and beauty, it's hard for many homeowners nowadays to imagine their houses without hardwood flooring. Although hardwood floors look great, they do require a lot of care. Aside from regular sweeping or vacuuming, deep cleaning hardwood [...]

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6 Laundry Bleach Alternatives

Did you know that adding bleach to your laundry at the wrong time can lower the effectiveness of both the bleach and the detergent? Not only is bleach tricky to use, but it's a harsh chemical that can harm your health and damage certain clothing materials. Bleach may be good at removing stains when used properly, [...]

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