5 Lessons Learned About Organization from Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo is taking the home organization world by storm. As an established author and star of her own show on Netflix, Maire Kondo is quickly becoming a household name. Following a few Marie Kondo tips can go a long way in decluttering our homes. And let's face it, most homes could probably use it! [...]

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Sticking to Your Schedule: How to Create a Cleaning Schedule You’ll Actually Stick To

Does your household cleaning to-do list keep growing? Are you feeling stressed about the tasks you've been ignoring? We're here to help! Keeping your home clean might feel like an impossible task, but it's not! Read on for our guide to making and sticking to a cleaning schedule that works. 1. Make a Master List [...]

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9 Tricks to Make Washing the Dishes Fun

Americans spend about 5 to 7 hours cleaning in the kitchen each week. Dishes take up a large portion of this time. Do you dread doing the dishes? Check out this guide on how to wash dishes fast and make this chore a bit more fun! 1. Listen to Audio Books or Music This is [...]

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Get That Deposit Back!: The Ultimate Move Out Cleaning Checklist

How much would you expect to spend on a move? The average cost of an in-state move is $1,170. If you're moving out-of-state, you can expect to pay well over $5,000. But don't think your only expenses will be hiring movers and buying boxes. There are also costs you may not think about. One of [...]

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7 Hacks for Spring Cleaning Your Space

The spring clean: nice in theory, but hard work in practice. Spring cleaning has many benefits, including psychological ones. But there's no denying it can also be a big job. Anything you can do to make it easier will provide an extra incentive to get it done. That's why we're here. Here are seven spring cleaning [...]

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Going Green: The Top Tips for Choosing Green Cleaning Products

One out of every three chemical cleaning products contains ingredients that are known to cause environmental or human health problems. Additionally, the chemicals found in most household cleaners are up to three times more likely to cause cancer than the air outside. Those statistics alone are compelling enough to encourage many people to make the [...]

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The Cleaning Elixir: The Top Ways You Can Clean With Vinegar

How can a pantry staple be just as good for homemade pickles as it is powering through dirt and grime? The answer lies in the acidity of distilled vinegar. Acetic acid makes regular household vinegar a cleaning ninja. It can kill bacteria that's already growing. Don't worry about new bacterial or mold growth, vinegar stops that, [...]

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Straighten Before They Scrub: How to Prepare for Your Cleaner

We're all busy these days from our full-time jobs to kids, to the day-to-day activities that make up this wonderful thing called life. That's why there are approximately 875,000 cleaning businesses used by people across the country, all to help you have a cleaner, stress-free home. If you enlist the help of a cleaner, you [...]

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5 Methods for How to Get Crayon off the Wall

Creativity is amazing but not when it turns into graffiti. As any parent knows, children can cause the biggest messes. As kids grow so does their ability for mischief and before long you'll be wondering how to get crayon off the wall. How to Get Crayon off the Wall Removing crayons from walls may feel [...]

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6 Ways to Get Your Kids to Clean Up Toys and More

If you enjoy cleaning but never having a clean house, parenting might be for you. Or how about this one: "Cleaning with children is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos." But parents, it DOES NOT have to be that way. Kids are totally capable of cleaning up after themselves! Do you have to train [...]

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