5 Essential Steps to Cleaning Your Dirty Window Tracks

Have you noticed that the window tracks in your home are dirty and dusty? If you haven't, it might be time to take a look at them. Windows are often one of the things that's passed up when doing routine cleaning. And because the windows in our homes are what connects the outside world to [...]

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What is Included in a Deep Clean?

Do you think your house needs more than the general house cleaning it receives once in a while? Well, consider getting a deep clean from a reputable house cleaning service. A deep clean will cost you more than standard house cleaning. This is because it entails cleaning almost every part of your home that requires [...]

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Top 9 Laundry Management Tips for Your Household

Consider this: The average female consumer in the U.S. stuffs her closet with about 103 pieces of clothing. That many clothes mean she has more than three months' worth of outfits! Surprising, right? But there's more. In 2017, U.S. households spent an average of $1,833 on apparel! All those statistics give us an insight into [...]

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How to Properly Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

The global market for cast iron skillets has been growing over the last few years. The trend is driven by a rise in single-person households. In America, people are rediscovering the cookware that’s been used in their families for generations. Some prefer vintage, while others are buying brand-new skillets and pans. Some people believe it’s [...]

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How to Clean Your Kitchen Appliances

When was the last time you cleaned your refrigerator, your oven, or the food processor? If it's been a while, you need to start cleaning kitchen appliances. In the kitchen, bacteria can spread everywhere. Kitchen items that can become contaminated include cutting boards, garbage disposals, and refrigerators. Other items include dish rags, scrubbers, sponges, sink [...]

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Mattress Cleaning

According to a study in the Handbook of Clinical Neurology, we spend about one-third of our life sleeping. Except for the times you might be on vacation or couch-surfing with friends, a majority of that time is going to be on your mattress. Sheets, covers, and blankets do a great job of protecting a mattress, [...]

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Keep Your Home Safe: How to Kill and Clean Mold

Mold can be a pesky problem. In the right conditions, mold seems to spread like wildfire. Once it begins to grow, it's almost impossible to kill and clean up. Mold can actually begin to grow within 24 hours if an area of your house has been exposed to moisture! If mold is growing in your [...]

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5 Lessons Learned About Organization from Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo is taking the home organization world by storm. As an established author and star of her own show on Netflix, Maire Kondo is quickly becoming a household name. Following a few Marie Kondo tips can go a long way in decluttering our homes. And let's face it, most homes could probably use it! [...]

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Sticking to Your Schedule: How to Create a Cleaning Schedule You’ll Actually Stick To

Does your household cleaning to-do list keep growing? Are you feeling stressed about the tasks you've been ignoring? We're here to help! Keeping your home clean might feel like an impossible task, but it's not! Read on for our guide to making and sticking to a cleaning schedule that works. 1. Make a Master List [...]

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9 Tricks to Make Washing the Dishes Fun

Americans spend about 5 to 7 hours cleaning in the kitchen each week. Dishes take up a large portion of this time. Do you dread doing the dishes? Check out this guide on how to wash dishes fast and make this chore a bit more fun! 1. Listen to Audio Books or Music This is [...]

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