how to get crayon off the wall

Creativity is amazing but not when it turns into graffiti. As any parent knows, children can cause the biggest messes. As kids grow so does their ability for mischief and before long you’ll be wondering how to get crayon off the wall.

How to Get Crayon off the Wall

Removing crayons from walls may feel like an impossible task. If you have the right tools it’s easy to return your walls to their pristine state. At least until the little ones get home.

Make Dad Do It

Your second half may claim WD-40 can fix anything and, in this case, they’re right!

Put a bit of WD-40 on a paper towel and you’ll be removing crayons from your walls in no time. Unfortunately, you’ll find a greasy mess left behind.

It will take need a second scrub with soap and water to finally finish.

Like Grandma Used to Clean

Baking soda is magic for any home and is perfect for cleaning in almost every way.

If you’re removing crayons from walls you can’t find a better, more natural, method. Mix a paste of baking soda and water, a 50/50 ratio will do the trick. A touch of scrubbing and you’re done!

Better yet, you can get your kids involved. Take that leftover paste and pour on some vinegar to make it bubble and fizz. The job might take longer but if you spark an interest in cleaning it’s well worth it.

Remove It All

Goo Gone is an amazing cleaner and a must have for sticky messes.

A little goes a long way when removing crayon from walls. Place a dollop of this golden miracle worker on a towel and rub it into your little one’s design.

The only downside is a bit of oily residue but not as much as WD-40. Some soapy water will remove that in no time.

For an all-in-one cleaner that will remove anything from gum to tar, you can’t go wrong.

Simple and Powerful

Like Goo Gone, Magic Erasers are a fantastic addition to your bag of tricks.

These strong little squares can clean anything from crayon to…paint.

Yes, while these handy scrubbers are quick and easy they’re also powerful. With a mix of effective chemicals, you’ll find the crayon marks gone but you may also lose some of your walls, too.

Fabulous Finish

Do you like to go the all natural route with a touch of innovation? It’s time to take a trip to the salon because a hair dryer is what you need!

Wax melts and melts fast especially crayons.

For this method, all you need is a bit of heat and you can wipe the mess away with a simple soapy washcloth.

Picasso Eliminated

Even if you know how to get crayon off the wall, there may not be enough time in the day.

Don’t fret! That’s what we’re here for. Not only can you get a mark-free wall but a dazzling home that will always impress.

Contact us today to find out just how easy it can be to keep your home clean and masterpieces off the walls.