When you realize your kitchen sink may be dirtier than your toilet seat, you quickly find the motivation to pick up a rag and start cleaning. Most of us try to rally the whole family into helping with the task, yet getting your kids to do their chores can feel like a chore within itself.

For those of you who know the struggle all too well, there’s good news: it doesn’t have to be hard. With the right approach, you can make cleaning fun for your little ones. All it takes is a little creativity.

5 Tips for Making Cleaning Fun for Children

When you don’t have cleaning services to handle our day-to-day chores, you rally the troops (aka Your Children). Motivate your little Windex soldiers with these 5 tips for making chores more enjoyable.

1. Race the Clock

Kids learn to adopt new skills and habits through games. Whether it’s “playing house” or toys that mimic certain jobs, you’re ingraining skills long before adulthood.

Make cleaning a habit by turning it into a game, such as a race against the clock. Not only does it make cleaning fun, but it’s also great exercise!

2. Spice Up Chores with Friendly Competition

Everyone wants a chance to shine. If you have more than one child or if you’re working together with him or her to complete chores, make it a friendly competition.

From “Who can pick up the most toys” to “Who can finish the most chores by 1 pm?”, a clear goal will give your kids focus, as well as the motivation to get their chore list done!

3. Create a Rewards System

Whether we’re 9 years old or 90, a reward can go a long way in getting us to do something we don’t want to do. Make chores more appealing by dangling a reward at the end of the to-do list.

A traditional approach is providing an allowance for each chore completed, but rewards don’t always have to involve money. You can pick something the kids enjoy, like a trip to the ice cream shop or swimming in the afternoon.

4. Avoid Making Cleaning a Marathon

Kids get bored easily. Don’t make chores a marathon. Instead, try to make them more of a sprint.

If you need to, break up weekly chores so they’re spread out across the week. This will make the task feel more manageable and give your kids plenty of time to play.

5. Turn Up the Tunes

How many times have you found yourself swept up in the beat of your favorite songs while cleaning the house? You aren’t the only one. Kids enjoy listening to their favorite tunes, too.

Turn on their favorite songs and let them rock out as they clean. They’ll think less about the arduous nature of the task and more about the next line to the song as they work.

Need a Little Help Around the House?

While there are many ways to make cleaning fun, we sometimes need a little extra help to get it all done. If you live in McKinney, Texas or its surrounding communities, talk to us about our cleaning services.

We’ll provide you with a free quote based on your residential cleaning needs so you can enjoy the comfort of a clean home again.