hard Floor Cleaning

If you have hard floors in your house, you might know that cleaning and maintenance are a little different from having carpet. Hard floors are more prone to scuffing, hold dirt and grime in the grout, and can even crack or warp. This can make for a big maintenance headache later on if you don’t keep your hard floors clean.

But fret not! We’ve got you covered with a quick guide on everything you need to know about hard floor cleaning. Whether you have tile or hardwood floors, there’s a tip in here for you.

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Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are beautiful and a great alternative to carpet in any living space.  But hardwood is particularly prone to scuffing and scratches, especially if you have a chaotic household full of children and pets.

For cleaning hardwood floors, you should be using soft-bristle brooms or static fabric pads. If you have a vacuum, make sure that it has a hard floor mode, as the carpet bristles will scratch your wood floors.

Hardwood floors benefit from egular waxing. This wax protects and seals the wood, keeping it shiny, healthy, and scuff-free. Depending on your wood type, there are various waxes available on the market.

Another common hardwood floor treatment is oil. Lemon oil or linseed oil are popular and can help buff out surface scratches while restoring the natural shine of your wood floors.

To get a deeper clean on hardwood floors, mop with a specially-formulated hardwood cleaner. Avoid regular soap and water as these can warp and discolor your wood.


Tile floors are another popular flooring choice. They’re highly customizable and relatively easy to clean. But they do pose their own cleaning challenges.

The most notorious issue with tile is grout. While it starts out a nice clean white color, over time it can get extremely dingy and discolored.

Using dirty mop water is one reason grout gets so gross. For regular mopping, try a tile cleaning substance instead. Make sure that you are changing the warm water regularly.

Attack grout grime with a specially-formulated grout cleaner. These products will leave the grout as fresh and clean as the day it was laid.

For lighter-colored tile, such as ceramic, consider using cleaners with bleach in them. This will remove discoloration and keep the tiles looking fresh and clean.

Do not use bleaching products on open-pore stone tiles, as this will discolor them. Look for specialty cleaning products.

Other Hard Floor Types

For concrete floors, you can easily get away with mopping with regular water and cleaning supplies. Just make sure that the cleaning solution doesn’t interact with the concrete epoxy on the surface, if the concrete is finished.

Faux hardwood and linoleum flooring are generally very easy to clean, which is why they are attractive alternatives. Just make sure that your cleaning products are intended for use on manufactured flooring.

Professional Hard Floor Cleaning

While cleaning and maintaining your hard floors is relatively easy, sometimes life gets in the way.

If you need professional hard floor cleaning services, we are happy to help! We offer an array of home cleaning services, including specialized floor care.

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