how to sweep a floor

Do you often wonder about how to sweep a floor? Are you looking for some smart, time-saving cleaning tips?

Did you know that 77% of households spring clean every year? And 33% do not believe they clean their homes often enough. Everyone has to do it, but only the rare few actually enjoy doing it. Both types of people could prosper from learning hints and tips to help them along the way.

But why make an arduous task harder by doing things more difficultly? Even a simple thing, such as sweeping a floor, can be more straightforward if done cleverly. Also, cleaning regularly and efficiently can help to reduce common indoor allergens.

If you’re trying to figure out how to sweep a floor, you came to the right place. Our informative guide has you covered.

Get a Good Broom

We have all seen those brooms, the ones with the bristles pointing in opposite directions. These brooms do nothing but make our work ten times harder.

If this describes your current broom, I’m afraid it’s time to throw it away and invest in something new. The ideal broom should be clean and have all bristles facing the same direction.

When looking for a new broom, a good thing to look for is a detachable head. By being able to remove this makes cleaning the broom much easier.

How to Sweep a Floor Strategically

If you are spring cleaning the entire house, creating a strategy will make your life easier. Create a plan, follow it, and don’t stray from the path; tackle each tasking smartly.

Work from the top down. If you begin sweeping a floor before dusting the top of the room’s cupboards, you will have to clean twice.

Work smart, not hard. You don’t want to find yourself trapped in a corner, surrounded by a wall of dirt.

Divide the Room

The most innovative tip on sweeping a floor effectively would be to split the room into different sections. From each section, you can create smaller sub-piles of dirt to clean away.

By doing this, you will stop yourself from having to move one pile around the entire room. This will also prevent the trails of dirt that sneak out from the sides as you do so. We all know what they are.

Using shorter, more precise strokes will help you to contain the mess. Again, why do one long sweep many times when it would take the same amount of time to do a few short strokes?

This links back to the strategy; why give yourself an extra job when one brilliant job has the same outcome?

That’s all, folks

If you follow these pieces of advice, you now know how to sweep a floor effectively. No longer will you have days when the thought of cleaning a floor is worrying.

Don’t forget to detach the broom’s head and give it a thorough clean before packing it away.

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