post renovation cleaning

When finishing your construction project or home renovation, you’re often left with a heavy cleanup. The construction crews make sure most of the large stuff is gone, but the fine dust and other materials are left for you.

Post renovation cleaning can be a pain, especially after you’ve shelled out so much money for the construction. Instead of taking it on yourself, it’s a better idea to let professional cleaning services take care of it.

We’ve provided you with a number of benefits that hiring a cleaning service provides. Don’t take it on yourself when you can let the professionals handle it.

What Does Post Renovation Cleaning Entail?

Even if you’re renovating one single room, the dust, and debris clings to everything in and around it. The plaster dust and other debris cling to boots and get tracked throughout the house. It covers the floors, windows, and every crevice there is.

If you try to take care of the cleaning yourself, then you can miss important areas. You’ll think you’re done and suddenly six months later you see dust in the corners of your windows or in a bookcase you didn’t think to check before cleaning.

It’s a game of hide and seek as you dry and find every nook and cranny where dust and debris hide.

Post Construction Cleaning Stages

When you hire a professional cleaning service, you’re getting the best. We start with a rough clean where we come in and look. Each construction and renovation site is different. We’ll develop a strategy and start by cleaning all the glass, doors, and windows.

We also take care of the numerous stickers and other materials left over from the renovation. The next stage is a light clean and encompasses most of the work. It’s a deeper clean of the renovation area and nearby rooms.

We take care of the appliances, sinks, and other installed items. It’s the cleaning of the baseboards, mirrors, and everything else. We sweep and mop floors and use professional cleaning agents.

The final stage is touch-up cleaning, and we take care of all the detail work such as cleaning fingerprints, etc.

Why Choose a Cleaning Service?

Odds are you don’t want to deal with the endless cleaning and making sure every bit of your home is spotless. It’s possible you may not know the best places to check.

Cleaning it yourself would also take considerably more time than if handled by a cleaning service. You may think cleaning it yourself would be a cost savings but consider the cleaning equipment you’ll need to buy or rent, and the time put into it.

You’re likely to spend more cleaning it yourself than if you let a cleaning service handle it.

Let Us Handle It

Your post renovation cleaning is something you don’t need to handle. You’ve waited long enough to enjoy your newly renovated area, so let us help.

If you want to learn more about renovation cleaning or find out more about our services, then contact our experts today.