pet stain removal

In America, 67% of homes have a pet. Pets, for many, are considered another family member. They can help reduce stress, ease anxiety, and provide companionship.

Having a pet in the home brings many benefits, but it’s also a lot to keep up with. As a pet owner, you must be prepared to clean more often and set aside a certain amount of money in your budget for pet expenses. One challenge that comes with owning pets is dirt and urine stains.

Pet stain removal is difficult at times but can be done with the right pet odor and stain remover strategy. Continue reading below to learn how to remove pet urine and other stains from your carpets and furniture!

Blot the Stain Immediately

As soon as a urine stain happens, you want to blot it. Blotting the urine will remove as much of it from the carpet or upholstery as possible. You may need to use several clean paper towels or rags to remove all of the moisture.

Place the towel or rag over the urine and firmly press down. Once the towel is full, replace it with a new one and repeat until no more urine lifts off the carpet. You can then move forward with cleaning the stain.

Clean With Baking Soda and Vinegar

If you have baking soda and white vinegar in your home, then you can combine the two to create a cleaning solution. Pour vinegar over the stain. Make sure not to use too much vinegar as it can soak into the padding under the carpeting.

Then, sprinkle a good amount of baking soda over the white vinegar. Let it sit for several hours. Once it’s dry, you can then vacuum over it to remove the baking soda.

Use Pet Stain Remover

There are many pet stain remover products available at your local pet store. Take your time selecting the right one for your stain removal needs. This might depend on the material the stain is on.

Follow the directions on the stain remover for the best results. Keep in mind that old, stubborn stains may not lift up as easily, even when using store-bought products.

Schedule Carpet Cleaning

Sometimes, the best way to remove stains from carpets and upholstery furniture items is to contact professional cleaning services. Professional maid services have access to cleaning tools and equipment to ensure the best results. If there’s a trouble spot or stubborn stain in your home, then you can communicate this with the professionals.

Regular carpet cleaning and house cleaning are great ways to stay on top of pet odors and stains.

This Is Pet Stain Removal Made Easy

There’s no time to sit and fight with an old pet stain. Make pet stain removal easy by contacting Lemon Blossom Cleaning Services. We offer a variety of cleaning services for your home.

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