organize your pantry

If a houseguest were to peek inside your pantry, what would they see?

In most homes, this small and dark space is unsightly, unorganized, and out of control. And, it might even be full of food that’s gone bad. But, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Are you ready to make a change?

Read on to learn all about maximizing this space and keeping it spick and span. Then, you’ll be ready to organize your pantry and keep it neat, once and for all.

Out With the Old

If you only follow one of our cleaning tips, make it this one!

Before you get started with pantry cleaning, you’ll want to rid the space of old, expired, and undesirable food. Some household staples spoil faster than you might think, so be sure to check expiration dates and give open products a smell test.

Anything that has gone bad should be thrown out. And, food that’s been sitting unused for a long time can go to a local charity, like your regional food pantry.

Define Your Space

If your pantry currently serves as a storage area for cleaning supplies, small appliances, and other household clutter, this is the perfect time to redefine it.

Keep all of your cleaning products and tools in a separate area, far from food. And, if your pantry is currently loaded with gadgets like panini presses and waffle makers, you might want to thin the collection. Unused items can be sold, donated, or recycled.

Empty and Clean Your Shelves

Now that you’ve cut the clutter, it’s time to deep clean your pantry.

Take absolutely everything out, and clean the space from top to bottom, using a vacuum followed by a damp rag. For sticky spots, a gentle household cleaner can also be applied.

This is a fantastic time to add a shelf liner or a fresh coat of paint, and to deep clean the floor, as well. You might also hire a professional service to perform deep cleaning. That way, you’ll be guaranteed a sparkling clean start to keeping your pantry perfect.

Organize and Arrange

Wondering how to organize your pantry perfectly?

Start by grouping like items, using plenty of bags and storage bins to contain the small stuff. Then, place the most commonly used items at eye level or below.

Specialty foods and items that you will look for infrequently can be stored in a less convenient space. And, anything that should be kept out of the reach of kids, pets, and guests can be put on the top shelf.

Other top organization tips include turning labels outward so it’s easy to find food fast, placing older products closer to the edge of your shelf so they’ll be used first, and creating a designated zone for food that should be consumed quickly.

Organize Your Pantry Today

With this article as your guide, you’re ready to organize your pantry and keep it clean and tidy.

But what about the rest of your kitchen?

If your grout is grungy and you’re finding plenty of grime in this room’s nooks and crannies, it’s time to call in the pros. Lemon Blossom Cleaning Services guarantees customer satisfaction, with a friendly, down to earth approach and outstanding service. Contact us today or call (469) 617-7676 for a free quote!