Keeping a clean home has numerous health benefits! It lowers your stress and helps keep you productive. It also reduces the risk of illness.

But, have you ever wondered how often you should be cleaning? When do you need to perform a deep clean?

Deep cleaning isn’t relegated to once a year. Some places in your home deserve daily deep cleaning, or you’re inviting unwanted pests!

We’ve broken down the different tasks by what needs to be cleaned daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Keep reading to find out!

Daily Clean

High-traffic food areas should be cleaned daily. Bacteria form quickly in places where food is prepared and consumed.

Always use antibacterial cleaning products to wipe and sanitize your kitchen’s prep station after each use. To keep ants and cockroaches from invading your home, sweep crumbs from your floor and wipe them from your countertops.

Keeping your bedroom space clean and tidy is good for your mental health. Even if it’s not a daily deep clean, picking up your room each evening works wonders.

You use your bathroom daily. The more you stay on top of your bathroom cleaning, the easier a full, deep clean is.

Do a quick scrub with a toilet brush in your toilet bowl after you use it. It may not be a deep clean, but it’s a good practice to have.

Weekly Clean

Weekly, focus on dusting shelves, furniture, and other places where dust builds up quickly. Take the opportunity weekly to wipe down your kitchen appliances.

Your floors need daily sweeping, but they can be mopped weekly. The same goes for your bathroom floors.

Vacuum your floors and carpets, clean your mirrors, and scrub your shower and tub weekly as well. An easy thing to forget is laundering your towels. After about 3 uses, your towels need to be washed.

Did you know that the best schedule for washing your sheets is weekly or biweekly? You spend a good chunk of your time in bed.

Your body is sweating and shedding skin cells throughout the night. You don’t want to put that task off to monthly cleaning.

Monthly Deep Clean

It’s up to your discretion what’s cleaned weekly versus monthly. However, a few tasks that can wait a month for cleaning are…

  • Cleaning your vents
  • Dusting the light fixtures
  • Draining your dishwasher
  • Cleaning your laundry machine

Don’t forget to give your vacuum cleaner a good cleaning about once a month as well! After all, it’s doing the most for you.

Yearly Deep Clean

Everyone talks about a good spring cleaning. This is a good time to do your yearly tasks!

You should inspect your gutters for buildup once a year. Cleaning them out keeps your foundation safe from erosion.

Windows can go a year without being deep cleaned. Try not to forget about the window crevices too!

If you have draperies, put them on your yearly checklist! Otherwise, you might forget about them completely.

Finally, Create a Cleaning Schedule

The best way to keep a tidy, healthy home is to create a schedule. One of the best cleaning tips to follow is to stay on top of the mess.

In between deep cleanings, wipe down your countertops, sweep your floors, and brush your toilet. This reduces the amount of time you have to spend deep cleaning.

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