Wondering how to keep your house clean with your pets running around? You’re not alone!

Animal lovers who can’t live without their furry friends struggle with keeping a neat home every day, but luckily there are ways to have a fresh-looking house and have pets.

Your cleaning routine may need some tweaking, but ultimately, it’ll help you stress less and not panic when you have surprise guests at the door.

Read below for the best tips on maintaining a sparkly-clean home with pets.

Keep Your Pets Clean

The number one way to a clean home is keeping your pets clean. This means giving them regular baths, cleaning their paws after they’ve been outside, and wiping their bums if needed after they’ve used the bathroom.

You should also keep their eating areas and dishes clean at all times because they’re a breeding ground for bacteria. Finally, make sure to groom your pets regularly to prevent hair shedding everywhere.

Place Old Blankets on Their Sleeping Spots

Do you find yourself searching for how to clean couch after your pets slept on it? Though our furry friends can’t control where and how much they shed, we can still keep our home clean by providing an old blanket or a towel on their favorite napping spot.

If your pet loves to sleep on the sofa, keep their blanket there so you can just shake off the extra hair.

Vacuum Daily

The best way to keep clean every inch of your home when you have a pet is to vacuum every day. You don’t want hair sticking to your clothes or flying around your food, so it’s best to vacuum once to twice a day, depending on the number of pets.

Consider investing in a robotic vacuum cleaner that’ll do the job for you. If you’re strapped for time, hire a professional cleaning service.

Upgrade Your Furniture

Accidents happen and pets won’t always use their litter box when they have a need. So before you start googling how to clean up dog pee, upgrade your furniture by opting for sturdier, more durable materials to make it pee and hair proof.

If buying new furniture isn’t an option, have a quality lint roller at hand to keep the sofas and chairs hair-free.

Dust Regularly

When you have pets, most of the dust in the home comes from their constant movements across rooms, but also their fur. Dusting regularly and airing your rooms is a must if you want a clean home and prevent health issues and allergies.

Another tip is to always keep a stain remover and a pet-friendly disinfectant nearby so that if you have unexpected guests over, you can do a speed clean and get your room in top shape.

Now You Know How to Keep Your House Clean With Pets Around!

If you own a pet and wonder how to keep your house clean, these tips will help you create a stress-free cleaning schedule that’s easy to follow.

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