speed clean

Socializing and entertaining people can be a lot of fun and rewarding but stressful if your place isn’t clean.

Do you have people coming over soon, but you don’t know how to clean everything fast enough?

Read this article to find out how to speed clean your place and get it ready for your guests.

Keep reading to find out how!

Speed Clean

Do you have guests coming over and your place is a mess? Read these top five tips to make your home spotless.

What Are Your Priorities?

Depending on where you will be hosting, you can then select what rooms to clean. For instance, close the doors to the laundry room, closets, and bedrooms.

Then you can focus on the bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Think about what guests will see first and then begin there.

Remember to clean what people will use and see. Clear off tables and counters.

Clean floors in your living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Tidy up the bathroom toilet and sink. Don’t scrub the shower unless people are spending the night.

Make it Smell Clear and Fresh

One way to get rid of musty smells is by opening a few windows and turning on the fans in your house. If you light candles in different rooms, this will help it begin to smell beautiful and relaxing. Fill a vase with bright flowers.

In your kitchen, run half a cup of baking soda and warm water down the sink. Fill a pot with hot water on the stove and add a few drops of essential oil. Lavender or lemon are good choices.

If you don’t have any essential oils, try using a slice of lemon and cloves. Your home will smell fresh!

Go Around Your Place and Gather Items Up

Take an empty laundry basket or trash bag and clear out the main rooms you will be in with your guests. Clear up the clutter. Place books and magazines into stacks.

Put remote controls in a wicker basket. Shoes, toys, and other clutter can go into a laundry basket for now. Throw away the remaining trash. If your kitchen counters look cluttered, make sure to sort them and put them away.

Your place will look a lot clearer after this step.

Always Clean Top to Bottom

Did you know that professionals clean top to bottom? Before vacuuming or sweeping, make sure you dust the coffee tables and brush any crumbs or dirt onto the floor. This way you’ll catch more dust and dirt.

Clean the Bathroom

First, splash some toilet cleaner into the boil. Let it sit while you scrub the sink quickly. Run a paper towel with rubbing alcohol over your faucets, sinks, and mirror.

If you don’t have rubbing alcohol, use a half-vinegar and half-water solution. Wipe everything down with a different piece of paper towel.

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We hope you found this article helpful. Hopefully, these tips on how to speed clean give you some ideas on ways to clean quickly. Hosting guests doesn’t have to be stressful!

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