dining room cleaning

On average, we spend 67 minutes a day on primary eating and drinking. And much of that time is spent in our dining rooms.

It’s an important room in the house where we gather with loved ones for quality bonding time. So naturally, it’s a space we focus on keeping neat and clean.

If you’re a new homeowner, then you might be eager to have people over for dinner. But how do you ensure this room stays pristine?

The following are some great dining room cleaning tips to follow.

Sweep the Floor Nightly

Chances are, your family members aren’t the neatest eaters. While Fido might grab some scraps, there might still be crumbs on the floor. Not only is this dirty, but it can attract pests.

You should sweep the floor every night to ensure you don’t have unwanted visitors.

Wipe Down Surfaces

Every week, you should wipe down surfaces with a microfiber rag and/or duster. This includes not only the table, but also chairs, light fixtures, dining room furniture, and anywhere else dust might gather. Dusting dining rooms can help keep dust levels at a minimum.

For things like your dining room rug, vacuum it and spot clean it if needed.

Declutter Often

After long and tiring days at work, it’s easy to come home and just pile your things on the dining room table. Over time though, this can become an unsightly mess.

You should make it a point to declutter every (other) week or month. The less clutter you have, the easier it’ll be to clean your dining room, and not only physically either. Clutter can negatively impact mental health, which can demotivate you from tidying up.

Don’t Forget to Deep Clean

Keeping up with regular light cleaning is beneficial since it prevents heavy grime from building up. But that doesn’t mean you should forget about deep cleaning.

Once or twice a year, you should set aside a day or two to deep clean your entire dining room.

In addition to sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping, you should also do things like cleaning dining room walls, which many people forget about. Remember, lots of food particles and dust can cling to them, so give them a good scrub!

You should also disinfect all surfaces, including the light switches and outlets. If you have curtains, put those in the wash, and condition your wood furniture to keep it looking like new.

Need Help With Dining Room Cleaning?

Dining room cleaning isn’t the most fun thing to do. And you might be too tired to keep up with it.

While you can certainly utilize our cleaning tips, it might be best to leave the cleaning to the pros. It’ll allow you to rest, recoup, and enjoy quality time with your loved ones!

So request a quote from us now. You’ll have a squeaky clean house without lifting a finger!