As winter approaches our Texas region, we spend a lot more of our time indoors. While winter sometimes brings some allergy sufferers a relief, for others it can start a whole new allergy season. Indoor allergens such as pets, mold and dust mites pose a problem for many households. The good news is we can help! Hiring a professional cleaning service in Plano, Allen or McKinney can keep these allergens under control and make life much more comfortable. At no extra charge, we can clean your home regularly with allergen free products to minimize your exposure to these household allergens.

But, what to do in between your routinely scheduled house cleaning appointments? What products should you avoid when doing “touch up” cleaning?

We thank our friend, Jenny Holt, for helping to clarify this topic for us….Read her article below for more information on how to help reduce your families allergy problems!

Cleaning Products to Avoid for Households with Allergies

“As a former cleaning professional and now freelance writer, I understand how important it is to do a good, professional cleaning job. This is the same whether it is a high class restaurant, a hospital, or a private home. However, at the same time it is important to create a good living or working environment.

When it comes to homes, big or small, this includes ensuring the cleaning products being used do not cause or inflame allergies. Standard cleaning can help remove allergens such as pollen and dust, but many cleaning products contain chemicals such as formaldehyde, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, and Ammonia which can make allergies worse.

My own family, including one of my daughters have allergies and it has become important in my home to use natural alternatives to dangerous shop products. With this in mind, I have written a guide on what cleaning products to avoid if you have allergies.”