Even if you’re a complete neat freak, the electronics around your home are bound to get a little dirty now and then. It’s just natural.

The question then becomes how best to keep the grime away without damaging these expensive and complicated machines. After all, these items are not always as resilient as you would hope. A little water or spray in the wrong place could shut them down for good.

Still, there are many ways you can approach cleaning electronics without running into an issue. Read on for our complete walk-through.

Monitors and LCD Screens

When it comes to electronics, a gentle touch is the key to a good clean shine. This is especially true in the case of any sort of monitor and LCD screen. We spend hours staring at these kinds of surfaces every day, but we don’t clean them with the same frequency.

And yet, we aren’t always sure the best way to approach cleaning them. They are delicate after all, and pressing down too hard on a screen can burn out the pixels. That will leave you with a block or green blotched out areas on your display that you might never be able to fix.

If there’s just a little bit of dust on your screen, it can be easy to resist the urge to press down. But when gunk is built up and won’t come off, it can be more difficult.

If you’re in this situation, try mixing water with white vinegar. This can help to dissolve such gunk and clear it away without too much effort. Just make sure you’re spraying directly onto the cloth and not the screen itself.

Keyboards and the Space In Between

One of the most frustrating experiences can be the keyboard for your computer or laptop. The space between or under keys can get so tight it can feel impossible to get in there and get the grime out.

It’s important to rise up to this challenge, however. Too much dust build-up under keys can eventually render them useless, and the wear and tear they can cause can mean serious issues down the line.

It’s best to grab a can of compressed air when cleaning these tight surfaces. The power and precision of compressed air can help to get dust and grime out of these hard to reach places.

Cleaning Lenses of Any Type

Another particularly delicate piece of equipment is a camera lens. That could be consumer-grade lenses for a photo camera, but it could also mean the smaller lenses that sit on your computer or on the back of your phone.

These lenses are made of glass, which means scratching or harming them while cleaning is all too easy. Instead of using any rough kind of material (like a paper towel or your shirt) always make sure to approach these items with a microfiber cloth.

Even better, there are some lens cleaning tools created specifically for the task that might be worth investing in.

Cleaning Electronics the Safe Way

We use our gadgets so much we can’t be surprised when they get dirty. But cleaning electronics can provoke certain challenges. The above methods are a safe way to clean without harming anything.

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