summer cleaning tips

Everyone focuses on their spring cleaning checklist. There is a logic to it since you want to air out any lingering mustiness from the winter months. Yet, new homeowners often give their summer cleaning routine much less consideration. The irony is that, while you likely get more fresh air in your home during the summer, you also get a lot more in and out traffic. That brings in all kinds of things that you’d likely prefer remained outside, like dirt, dust, and all of that delightful pollen. If you’re looking for some summer cleaning tips to keep your new home a little tidier this year, keep reading for six of our favorite tips.

1. Consider Your Cleaning Products

Most people use the cleaners they grew up using. That generally means a lot of harsh chemicals. Not only are those tough on your skin on surfaces in your home, but people can also develop allergies in adulthood.

Consider switching over green or hypoallergenic house cleaning products if you’ve noticed reactions to your normal cleaning supplies.

2. Pay Attention to Hard to Reach Spots

Don’t neglect hard-to-reach spots in your summer cleaning routine. Think of where walls and ceilings form corners and the top of your fan blades. Pay special attention to those fan blades or you can end up under a rain of dust when you reverse them.

3. Give Your Grill a Little Love

Summer is the time for indoor and outdoor cleaning, so treat your grill to some TLC. After all, most grills don’t see much use during those chill late autumn to early spring months.

A little apple cider vinegar and aluminum foil will split the grease from the grill. The vinegar is acidic, which acts as a natural degreaser.

4. Sanitize Your Appliances

You can do this one any time of year, but early summer is a good time. Clean out your fridge and wash the interior.

Put some of that vinegar into your washing machine and dishwasher. It’ll help eliminate lingering funk.

5. Make a Schedule

A little bit of scheduling can go a long way with cleaning. It creates some accountability. If everyone knows what has to happen week-to-week, it’s a lot more likely that those things will get done.

6. Bring in Pros

If your summer proves more hectic than the rest of your year, cleaning can fall by the wayside. Don’t forget that you can outsource those cleaning tasks to a professional cleaning service. Most of them offer different packages for different levels of cleaning.

Deploying Summer Cleaning Tips

While a clean home is generally a happier and healthier home, cleaning shouldn’t become a quality of life impediment. Figure out a schedule that works around your life. Find cleaning products that work well, but don’t bother your skin or trigger other allergies.

If you just cannot find the time for regular house cleaning, don’t let it become a stressor in your life. Consider bringing in professional help.

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