house cleaning tips

Is this your first time hiring a house cleaning service? If it is, it’s important that you learn a few housecleaning tips to make the process easier for you and the cleaner.

Remember, contracting a service provider is a two-way relationship. Even if you’re paying them for the cleaning service, you still need to make the environment comfortable for them to work in.

Try the following housecleaning tips. They’ll ensure that you’re on the same page as your cleaning professional:

1. Get the House Ready for Cleanup

Of course, we don’t mean that you make your house dirtier in readiness for housecleaners. We suggest that you try and clean up a little or organize your home before the cleaners arrive. Although this may seem counterintuitive, it’s one of the best ways to get your house ready for a cleanup.

Getting clutter and other stuff out of the way makes it easy for cleaners to focus all their efforts on cleaning. If you move furniture or appliances out of the way, they can swiftly gain access to all hard-to-reach areas that need cleaning.

If your house is disorganized, a cleaner may spend a lot of time organizing things instead of cleaning up. You may also want to secure your jewelry, fragile items, and other highly prized possessions. Housecleaners appreciate this because it reduces their risk – in as much as it’s for your protection.

2. Give Clear Directions to the Cleaners

A major source of conflict between client and cleaning service providers is poor communication. When engaging a service provider, make sure you inform them of all your expectations. Ask all the questions you have in mind to avoid surprises after services are delivered.

Be honest with the state of your home and if possible, ask the cleaner if they can inspect it before giving you a quote. Look at the services they offer and determine if that’s what you need. Let the cleaner know if there are particular products and tools you want them to use.

Inform them of any allergies that your family members or pets have. Tell them how you would like the work done and see if they can work with your schedule. Clarification goes a long way in ensuring a successful engagement with a house cleaning company.

3. Don’t Give House Cleaners a Hard Time During Clean-up

This is why it’s important to communicate your expectations before the cleaners come to your home. When they know what you expect, you won’t need to keep giving them directions during the clean-up.

Also, avoid interfering with their schedule because they could be having time constraints. Allow them to focus on their task so that they can complete it as soon as possible.

4. Tip the House Cleaners

How much to tip housekeeping entirely depends on you. It’s always proper etiquette to tip a service provider in any field as long as you’re satisfied with their work. 10 to 20 percent of the total clean-up cost is okay for a house cleaner.

Housecleaning Tips to Consider!

Take into account all the above housecleaning tips when hiring a house cleaning service. They’ll ensure you have a successful engagement with your cleaners!

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