There are many useful tricks to use to make dusting your house or apartment easier, and part of that is using the best duster for the job.

Keep reading to learn about which duster is the best to tackle all the dust in your home.

1. Microfiber Cloth

A microfiber cloth is made up of a very tiny weave which can hold much more dirt than a regular cotton rag. This makes it one of the best ways to dust because the dust will stay in the cloth without falling down to the floor or circulating into the air. You can use the microfiber cloth dry or slightly damp with some cleaning solution.

For the best technique dust starting from the top of your room, with ceiling fans and tops of the door frames, and work your way down to other lower furniture and floors.

2. Electrostatic Cloth

Electronics such as TVs and computers are magnets for dust, and using an electrostatic cloth is the most efficient way to clean them. The cloth is treated with a chemical that creates a negative charge and helps the cloth pull the particles of dust out easily.

These cloths can be found in reusable, washable cloths, or in a one time use, disposable version. Both of these versions work great, however, some people believe that the washable cloths lose their ability to attract dust after being washed a few times.

The best way to clean your electronics, especially their screens, is to turn the unit off and wipe them down with a dry, electrostatic cloth.

3. Angled Broom

Using an angled broom is the perfect tool to help get the dust out of corners. Sweep by using short strokes and pushing the dust into one pile away from you.

Once you have finished, sweep the large amounts of dust and debris into a dustpan. Afterward, use a handheld vacuum to pick up the small traces of dust that’s left behind and leave your floor ready for bare feet.

4. Vacuuming

Once you have worked your way from the top to the bottom of your house dusting, you will want to take the time to vacuum up any of the dust that may have fallen down and made its way to your floors.

Be sure to set the brush on your vacuum to the correct height to most efficiently pick up the dust at the top of your carpet. When vacuuming hard floors, work in a criss-cross pattern to pick up any dust or debris that has made its way into the cracks of your floor.

Are You Ready to Use the Best Duster for Your Cleaning Project?

Hopefully, these useful tips for dusting will have you better equipped for using the best duster for your next cleaning project.

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