clean a ceiling

You take the time to clean your home on a regular basis. All of the bedrooms are spotless as well as the kitchen and bathrooms. The laundry and dishes are done and you feel accomplished, but wait.

Suddenly you look up in horror and find yourself faced with the undeniable truth that your cleaning duties aren’t quite done yet. It’s the ceiling. “When’s the last time I cleaned the ceiling”, you think to yourself.

How do you even clean a ceiling? The best way to clean a ceiling starts with this very guide. To ensure your ceilings are just as clean as the rest of your home, continue reading our ceiling cleaning guide below.

Here’s everything you need to know about cleaning a ceiling!

Get All the Right Supplies

What cleaning tools and products will you need to clean a ceiling properly? A vacuum with a long hose and soft-bristled attachment is a great starting point. You also want to grab a duster and a microfiber mop, both with long extension handles.

Then, grab a non-toxic cleaner or make your own using a mixture of water, dish soap, and white vinegar. Have all of these supplies handy before starting the cleaning process.

Use a Duster or Vacuum Attachment

Dusting and vacuuming are always good starting points when cleaning a ceiling. You want to remove the dust and dirt before trying to wipe the ceiling clean. Otherwise, you’ll simply spread dust and dirt around.

Start with your vacuum. Use the extension hose and soft-bristled attachment to gently vacuum the ceiling first, removing loose dust and dirt. Then, use a duster with an extension handle to remove all of the leftover dust from the ceiling.

Create a Mixture to Spray

To clean any dirty patches on the ceiling, you can create a mixture to then spray onto the ceiling. The cleaning solution you create should be non-toxic and won’t damage paint, trim, or tiles. One cup of warm water with two tablespoons white vinegar, and one teaspoon of non-abrasive dish soap will do.

Pour into a spray bottle and shake before lightly spraying on the ceiling.

Clean With a Microfiber Cloth

Once all of the dust and dirt is removed, you can then begin to clean the ceiling using a microfiber cloth. Clean any sections of the ceiling that look discolored or dirty. You’ll want to wipe the area clean using a gentle manner or pat it clean if the ceiling is textured.

Refrain from applying too much pressure to the ceiling as you don’t want to rub dirt or dust into it. Switch out for new microfiber cloths as you go to ensure you’re always using a clean one.

Clean a Ceiling by Contacting the Professionals

If you’re unable to properly clean a ceiling on your own, don’t worry. You always have the option to contact the professionals. The professional house cleaners at Lemon Blossom Cleaning Services can help with a variety of cleaning services, including cleaning a ceiling.

Request a quote today to eliminate the stress of cleaning by letting the professionals do the hard work for you!