You already know your home needs some special attention.

When was the last time you cleaned out your pantry shelves, wiped baseboards or ceiling fans? But, when exactly are you supposed to find time to do these chores when you’re busy holding down a job, running errands and carpooling kids to soccer practice? Outsource those house cleaning chores so you can do what you do best -whether that’s organizing your craft totes, cheering your kids football team on to victory or just relaxing with a good book because you deserve some time for you! Here are just a few of the tasks a professional house cleaning service can relieve you of doing. You’ll be amazed at what a clean home can do to chase away those household blues!

Dusting Those High Places

Why hire someone to do such a mundane chore? Because you know you haven’t been watching the clock all day just so you could run home and drag out the utility ladder to dust the light fixtures and window frames. Yes, it needs done…but you’ve got other priorities!

Cleaning the Oven

Just because you’re dying to spend two hours wiping out a bunch of black goop doesn’t mean you really have time to do so. With Green Cleaning options, we can add that to your house cleaners task list and use eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning methods to make it sparkle. And, you can stop freaking out when your mother in law pops in unexpectedly with an oven casserole to “help you out”. Open that oven door proudly!

Mopping Floors

If your time constraints mean that “mopping” your floors has been reduced to scooting damp towels around under your feet while you juggle dinner preparation and homework assistance, it’s time for a thorough cleaning. We’ll pick up the rugs, move the chairs and waste cans and sweep and mop your floors so they gleam. No more hoping the dog will lick up the food spills!

Scrubbing Shower Walls and Doors

Yes, I know that you’ve managed to hide the worst of the soap scum and mineral stains by hanging your bath towel to dry over the shower door. But, how clean does it feel when you step in for that richly deserved 5 minutes of hot water bliss? Not much. Hiring a cleaning service means that you can step into your shower and really enjoy it.

Kitchen Counters and Microwaves

How long has it been since you had the time to give your kitchen counters (and your small appliances) a thorough wipe down. For that matter, when is the last time you gave your microwave more than a cursory wipe with a damp dish cloth? We can not only clean, but sanitize, these food prep surfaces for you so you can rest easy that bacteria isn’t breeding behind the can opener and coffee maker.

What Other Tasks Can Your Cleaning Service Do For You?

Maybe these aren’t the chores you need help with – there are many other things we can do for you from interior window cleaning to vacuuming upholstery. Contact us and we’ll be happy to customize a chore list specifically for you!