how to clean wooden blinds

Real and faux wood blinds give your windows a timeless beauty. The benefits of wood blinds include durability, convenient lighting control, and an insulating effect on your windows. Learning how to clean wooden blinds helps you enjoy the beauty and benefits of the blinds long-term.

One of the biggest concerns with cleaning wood blinds is too much moisture, which can damage the wood and ruin your blinds. The key is using a safe cleaner and keeping your cleaning cloth damp but not soaking wet. Cleaning wood blinds is time-consuming since you need to clean each slat individually, but the results make your window coverings look clean and fresh.

Keep reading to learn how to clean wooden blinds correctly.

Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions

If your wood blinds are new or you saved the manual, read the manufacturer’s instructions for special cleaning guidelines. The company might recommend a specific cleaner or tell you not to use certain cleaning methods.

You might also find cleaning tips on the manufacturer’s website if you don’t still have the instructions. Look for a label on the blinds to find the brand, and navigate to the brand’s website to look for care instructions.

Dust With a Dry Cloth

When cleaning the blinds is on your cleaning schedule, start with a dry dusting. Removing the loose dust makes cleaning easier. If you leave the dust, it can smear when you use cleaner on the blinds.

A microfiber cloth is a good choice because it’s soft and it attracts dust, which can make cleaning easier. You can also use a feather duster or a brush attachment on your vacuum to remove the loose dust. Go over each slat carefully with the vacuum.

It’s often easiest to have the slats angled while dusting so they’re almost in a closed position. This makes it easier to reach the full slat and see the higher slats from below.

Use Wood Cleaner

A wood cleaning product is usually safe to use on real wood blinds. They’re designed to safely clean wood without causing scratches or moisture damage.

Follow the cleaner label instructions exactly to avoid any damage to the blinds. You’ll likely need to dilute the cleaner before using it since many wood cleaners are concentrated.

Work from the top to the bottom of the blinds to clean each slat individually, wiping both sides of the slat. Use a soft cloth dampened with the cleaner solution to wipe the slats. Wring out excess moisture, leaving it just damp to avoid damaging moisture on the wood.

After cleaning each slat with the wood cleaner, wipe it with a dry cloth. Work down the blinds one slat at a time. Get new wood cleaning solution as it becomes dirty.

Learn How to Clean Wooden Blinds

Keep your windows looking beautiful by learning how to clean wooden blinds the right way. With these tips and tricks, you can leave your blinds cleaner with less work and without worry of damage.

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