household disinfectants

Did you know that there are about 9,000 different species of germs in your home? It’s vital you’re using the proper household disinfectants to protect you and your family.

In this article, you’ll discover the top disinfectants you’ll want in your home to ensure you’re keeping germs minimized.

Read on to explore some of the top disinfectants for 2020 so you can have a fresh and clean home.

Dirtiest Places in the Home

Some of the dirtiest places in your home include kitchens, bathrooms, and of course certain items in all rooms. Ensure you’re sanitizing the fridge door handles and TV remotes.

Also, light switches and any other items often touched in your home.

1. Purell Professional Surface Disinfectant

Did you know that your kitchen faucet is one of the germiest items in your home? To eliminate E. coli and salmonella, you’ll want to be armed with strong household disinfectants.

This spray is quick-drying and acting. You can use it on your child’s toys, cutting boards, and even crib railings. It’s great for killing germs since it has ethyl alcohol.

You can also use it on upholstery, granite, metal, and plastic. You don’t have to worry about rinsing it either.

2. Lysol Disinfectant Spray

You can use it everywhere from upholstery to countertops. It’s extremely effective at killing many germs in your home. You can also use it to prevent the growth of mildew and mold.

3. Permatex Spray Nine 26832 Heavy Duty Cleaner

This spray cleans and removes stains with a fresh lemon scent. If you’re looking for a product without harsh chemicals this is it. Not only does it clean and disinfect, but it also prevents mildew and mold.

It’s also fast-acting when used. You can use it on plenty of locations including bathtubs and showers, concrete, walls, plastic, and rubber. It kills MRSA, E. coli, influenza A2 virus, salmonella, and more.

There are no chlorinated solvents or petroleum.

4. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Why not have the convenience of using wipes that are quick and easy to use? These wipes not only disinfect but take care of dried-on stains and grease.

To properly kill bacteria, make sure that you’re changing the wipes per appliance or item. Make sure you give it time to dry for the maximum benefit.

You can use them on hardwood surfaces, granite countertops, and acrylic.

For areas that have food preparation, always rinse with water afterward.

5. Natural Cleaner

If you’re looking for something more green and natural, try out white vinegar. Since it contains acetic acid, it’s a great anti-microbial. It’s also great at killing mold as well. Opt for white distilled vinegar.

The Top Household Disinfectants

When searching for high-quality household disinfectants, look for one that is EPA-approved and will kill many of the common bacteria found in the home.

Are you looking to have your home clean and disinfected but don’t have time? Contact us today and we’ll make sure your home is not only spotless but disinfected.