apartment deposit

You probably realize that your landlord can keep your security deposit if you owe rent money when moving out, but did you know they can also keep your deposit for other reasons?

The apartment deposit you provide when moving in protects your landlord against the money you owe and damages you cause in the rental. A deposit is one of the only forms of protection a landlord has against those things.

So, when you move out, how can you get the deposit for an apartment back? One way is to deep-clean your apartment, so it’s spotless.

However, there’s an alternative option if you don’t have the time or means to clean the unit.

You can hire a cleaning company to perform move-out cleaning services. Here are several things to know about these services as you prepare to move out of your apartment.

Hire a Company That Specializes in Move-Out Cleaning Services

You’ll have a better chance of getting your security deposit back if you leave the apartment in the same condition when you took possession.

If you used a standard apartment move-in form, you could use that to ensure that you leave it in the same condition. If you didn’t use one, that’s okay.

The best way to leave an apartment in this condition is by hiring a company that offers move-out cleaning services. You can give them a copy of this form if you have one to use as a guide.

Focus on Emptying Your Apartment

After hiring a company to do the work, you can focus on emptying your unit. The goal is to remove everything from it, as this makes the cleaning company’s job easier.

Let Them Do the Work

When you’re ready for the cleaning crew to come, they will arrive and begin the services. Professional cleaning crews clean and scrub every square inch of an apartment, ensuring that it’s as clean as possible.

They’ll scrub the plumbing fixtures to remove all the stains and debris. They’ll also clean the walls, windows, and cabinet doors. Move-out cleaning services also include cleaning inside the cabinets.

Next, they’ll move on to the floors. They will vacuum and mop every floor in the apartment and clean the carpets if they have stains.

Collect Your Apartment Deposit

You can check the unit when they complete the services to ensure that it’s spotless. Then, when you find it immaculate, you can let your landlord know that you moved out of the unit.

Then, you can ask your landlord for your security deposit.

Hire Professional Cleaning Services to Avoid Losing Your Deposit

Losing your apartment deposit because you owe the landlord money is one thing. Losing it because you left your apartment dirty is another. You can avoid losing it for this reason by hiring a company to clean your unit.

Are you ready to learn more? If so, contact us. We offer professional moving services and can help you hand your apartment back to your landlord in immaculate condition.