professional cleaner

Having a home is a blessing. Whether it’s rented or owned, having a place that’s yours is the best.

But with this blessing also comes the burden of maintaining it. Ensuring your utilities are working and repairs get made come with the territory.

Yet there’s one important part of having a home most people don’t enjoy- cleaning it.

Whether you work from home or not, the chores must get done. Unfortunately, after a busy week, no one feels like doing it.

So, hiring a professional cleaner may be the right choice.

Should I Hire a Professional Cleaner?

Before calling up professional home cleaning service, you should review a few things.

Two important factors to review when researching a cleaning service are do you need it and can you afford it?

If you’re able to clean your home, that’s great. Yet some people can’t tidy up their home for various reasons.

Next, review your monthly budget. There’s no sense in searching for a service you can’t afford.

Can You Afford It?

When determining if you can afford a house cleaner, consider the size of your home, where you live, and the type of cleaner you want. These topics factor into the price you’ll pay.

Size of Your Home

Many cleaning services examine the size and condition of a home for calculating the cost of cleaning your home. A larger home requires more time, cleaning products, and sometimes manpower.

If your home is larger or dirtier than normal, then expect to pay more.


People living in a Metropolitan area as opposed to a smaller town pay more when hiring a cleaning person.

Full Service or Independent Cleaner

What type of cleaner do you want? A full-service cleaning company offers many perks.
Full-service cleaning companies have a larger, more experienced staff. The workers come in teams to spruce up your home. Plus many cleaning businesses invest in training their cleaners, so they work faster.
Independent Cleaners tend to work alone, which may cost you more money. Depending on the type of cleaning service you need, an independent cleaner will work longer. Thus, needing more cleaning products.

How Clean Do You Want It?

People differ when it comes to judging cleanliness. What’s clean to one person could be a pigsty to another.

When deciding to hire a professional cleaner, then think about how clean you want your home to be. Some people want their home to look immaculate. Others are fine with some dust or dirt.

If you have kids or pets or both, you may want a deep cleaning at least once a month to cut down on the pet dander and foot traffic mess.

Know the difference between routine cleaning and a deep clean.

A routine or basic cleaning includes:

  • Wipe the counters
  • Mopping and sweeping
  • Vacuuming rugs
  • Clean the toilets

A deep clean includes:

  • Emptying and sanitizing trash cans
  • Wiping down windowsills and lampshades
  • Scrubbing bathroom tiles
  • Cleaning the refrigerator

Be sure you know what you want before hiring a professional.

Get Some Quotes

When selecting a cleaning company be sure to compare prices. Ask for a quote from at least 3 different cleaning providers.

Choose a company who provides references and conducts background checks on its employees.

Make a Choice

Using a professional cleaner is worth the money. It offers peace of mind and more free time to enjoy life.

If you’re ready to get started, please contact us today to discuss our services.