Big Furniture

Is your couch looking a little worse for wear? If crumbs are collecting in corners, and dog hairs are multiplying daily, then it might be time for a touch of deep cleaning. Cleaning big furniture like couches and dining furniture might seem daunting, but in order to keep a clean and cozy home, these are areas that you need to tackle.

To help get you started, read our guide on how to clean your furniture.

How Often Should You Clean Big Furniture?

We should be deep cleaning big furniture like couches and other upholstered furniture every 6 months, with a vacuum and wipe down every week or so. Couches and other soft upholstery in our homes can trap dirt, allergens, and bacteria in their soft fibers

If the thought of this sends you into panic mode, then don’t worry. Once you know how to clean these everyday essentials, you will find it easy, and, dare we say, therapeutic! Just follow our top tips for cleaning big furniture, and you can enjoy a clean and hygienic home every day.

How to Clean a Couch and Upholstered Furniture

Couches and upholstered furniture are the most used pieces of furniture in our homes. Keeping them clean is great for health and happiness (in our opinion).

The first step is to identify what your furniture is made from. Check the tags as some manufacturers include cleaning info on the tag. At the very least, it will say what the material is.

If your couch or chair cushion covers are removable and can be washed in the washing machine, then we recommend this every 6 months.

Dry Brush

First, use a dry brush all over the couch. This will loosen up any dirt, hair, and other debris, making it easier to remove.


Next, give your couch a good vacuum. You can do this weekly, and it is a great way to start a deep clean. Take off all the cushions and vacuum them on all sides. Then vacuum the sides and in the cracks.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is great at cleaning and removing odors. Sprinkle it over the fabric and leave it for half an hour. Remove it by brushing or vacuuming. Tough stains can be removed with a clean cloth and a solution made from warm water, vinegar, and dish soap.

Use the Sun

If you are blessed with a sunny day, then take any cushions outside and beat them in the fresh air. The sun’s UV rays help disinfect the fabric.

How to Clean Dining Furniture and Coffee Tables

Give your dining set and coffee table a new lease of life with a good deep clean. Just as before, how you clean and what you use to clean depends on what your furniture is made from. So always check that first.

Wooden Furniture

Grab yourself some microfiber cloths, clear dish soap, furniture polish, and a cheesecloth.

Wipe Down

Wipe the furniture down with a slightly damp microfiber cloth. Don’t let water sit on the surface, so wipe any excess water off with a dry cloth.

Clean Residue

Add a drop of dish soap to a cloth and test a tiny patch of the furniture to make sure it doesn’t remove the finish. If all looks good then add a few drops of dish soap to water and gently work on any residue or sticky spots.


Now your furniture is clean, apply some polish and buff it in with a soft cheesecloth. This will give a beautiful shine and finish.

Keeping Big Furniture Clean

Cleaning any piece of big furniture can seem like a huge task to undertake. Now you know how to clean these essential pieces of furniture, you can enjoy a spotless, hygienic home.

If you don’t have the time for deep cleaning, then why not get in touch with us? Our team of expert cleaners will help you with all your cleaning needs, so it is one less thing for you to worry about.

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