professional house cleaner

Hiring a professional house cleaner is one of the best things you can do to lower stress, increase productivity, and feel happier. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of having your house professionally cleaned, you know this to be true.

And even though it would be nice to have a professional house cleaner visit daily – it’s probably not realistic. So, how often should you hire a professional house cleaner? Weekly? Monthly? Bi-annually?

Keep reading for a guide on determining how often you need a professional house cleaner.

What’s Your Budget?

How much money can you realistically spend on a house cleaning service? Add a cleaning budget to your monthly or annual expenses to see what you can afford.

Remember that if you schedule regular cleaning once a week or every other week there’s usually less to do therefore you spend less money on each occasion. If you wait for your house to be a big mess it will take the house cleaning company longer and it may cost more in the long run.

How Much Cleaning Do You Currently Do?

Do you regularly tidy up your house between professional house cleanings? If so, you might not need house cleaning every week. If you or someone in your house is willing to do some daily cleaning, you can schedule a professional service to come every other week or once a month.

If you are usually pretty happy with how clean your home is, consider an annual deep spring cleaning. Or, if you recently had renovations in your home and the cleaning job seems too big, hire a service to help.

Who Lives in Your Household?

If you live by yourself in a small one-bedroom apartment, you probably don’t need to seek out the best professional house cleaner to come every week. But if you live in a four-bedroom house with three young kids – you might need cleaning once or twice a week just to keep up!

Having a larger family usually means more mess to clean up. So, if you have kids and a busy schedule, consider hiring a professional cleaning service at least once every week to help you.

Planning for Hosting an Event

If you are looking to host an event in your home and want every room to be spotless, consider hiring a house cleaning company for a one-time clean. Or, ask them to come monthly if you frequently host events in your home.

When it comes to entertaining, you have a lot on your to-do list. So, take cleaning off the list and trust a professional!

Hire a Professional House Cleaner Now

Your home is your sanctuary. And it should make you feel relaxed and comfortable, not stressed out by the mess. That’s why hiring a professional house cleaner is the best decision you can make.

Whether it’s twice a week or twice or twice a year, professional house cleaning will change your life.

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