cleaning habits

Over 75% of Americans claim that they engage in a big spring clean once a year.

Most of us do a surface level clean at least once a week in our homes, focusing primarily on the bathroom and kitchen. But, are we doing an outstanding job?

Research suggests that many of us have some terrible cleaning habits that we need to break. Let’s take a look at some of the worst offenders and see what needs to be fixed.

1. Using Dirty Tools & Sponges

It might seem tempting or environmentally friendly to keep reusing the same sponges, but by doing so, you are actually spreading more germs than you are removing.

Sponges are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. Once you finish wiping a surface, the germs can live on the sponge for days. If you then reuse it without thoroughly cleaning it first, you are simply respreading the germs around your house.

Make sure you deep clean cloths and sponges regularly. Also, make sure you clean out your vacuum cleaner and other cleaning tools.

2. Not Folding Laundry

When laundry is fresh from the dryer, this is the best time to fold it to prevent creasing. It still has that lovely warm feeling, and it is this warmth that will help remove the creases from your clothes.

Similar to when you pass an iron over, it is the heat that changes the fibers’ shape. By throwing laundry into a basket and letting it cool, you are inviting all kinds of creases and wrinkles to form.

Hang up and fold away laundry as soon as it is removed from the dryer.

3. Ignoring the Unseen

There are many little jobs around the house that we like to leave until the last minute, mainly because we can not actually see the dirt.

One primary culprit is the filters in the oven hood. These need to be removed, degreased, and cleaned regularly. Not doing so will cause grease sheets to form and block the filters, stopping them from working.

Other areas that lay forgotten are often behind larger pieces of furniture, such as under beds. Dust and dirt can gather here and remain untouched for months. Doing this is actually causing a health hazard as dust particles in the air will cause respiratory illnesses if left undealt with.

4. Leaving Dishes in the Sink

The sink is your primary tool for cleaning the kitchen, and as we said before, you shouldn’t leave your cleaning tools dirty.

Before you wash up, you should always first clean your sink; otherwise, you run the risk of transferring old grease and dirt back onto your dishes.

If you let dishes pile up in the sink, then you are making it difficult to clean other parts of the kitchen with a clean tool. Also, unwashed dishes are home to various cultures and bacterias that love to grow on dirty surfaces.

Clean them up or get them into the dishwasher, stat!

5. Dusting Last

One often made cleaning mistakes is to dust everything after you have done the other cleaning tasks. In fact, dusting should be your first task in your cleaning routine.

Dusting causes dirt to rise into the air and cover the floor and surfaces all around. Therefore you should dust before you vacuum; otherwise, you are leaving dust to settle back onto your nice clean floor.

Dust your shelves and surfaces before you vacuum to maximize dirt collection.

Break These Bad Cleaning Habits Today

We all have bad cleaning habits when it comes to our daily routines. That doesn’t mean that you can’t start afresh and start breaking them. Identify what you are doing wrong and start living in a much cleaner living space today!

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