how to wash dishes fast

Americans spend about 5 to 7 hours cleaning in the kitchen each week. Dishes take up a large portion of this time. Do you dread doing the dishes?

Check out this guide on how to wash dishes fast and make this chore a bit more fun!

1. Listen to Audio Books or Music

This is an easy way to forget about this dreaded chore. Use this time to listen to your favorite music or book. If your sink faces the television, you could wash dishes during your favorite show.

2. Let Dishes Soak

Let your dishes soak for a couple of minutes (not days) to help loosen the food. This simple task will help make washing dishes easier and you may not have to scrub as much.

3. Make It a Family Affair

Women tend to do the most chores. They tend to spend twice as much time cleaning up the house. Get everyone involved, including the kids!

Everyone gets a job. One person washes, someone else dries, and then another puts the dishes away. This process can be fun and go much quicker this way!

4. Wash Dishes with Your Favorite Scent

Entice your nose with your favorite smell as you wash the dishes. You can find various scents like lavender, apple, orange, flowers, and even scents like spring or rain. 

5. Use Fun Supplies

Different people like different tools to do the job. Find what works best for you whether it’s a sponge, brush, or another scrubber. Be sure you clean the tools too!

Bacteria love to hide out in sponges, so be sure to disinfect them regularly with a disinfecting solution or sticking it in the dishwasher. You should replace sponges frequently.

6. Empty the Dishwasher Before You Start Cooking

Don’t do two chores at once. Make sure your dishwasher is empty even before you start cooking. This way you have the space for the new batch, and not more work to wash your dishes.

7. Slip on Some Gloves

Try some dishwashing gloves because they help protect your hands and prevent you from dropping. You can also use hotter water when wearing these gloves. If they start to smell funny, just add some baking soda to freshen up the gloves.

8. Wash the Dishes Every Night

Doesn’t sound fun, but this way they don’t pile up if you get into the habit. It will become much easier if you just get in the habit of cleaning them immediately. Imagine walking into that clean kitchen the next morning.

9. Pick the Right Order

Start with the easiest stuff first to ease into the job. Do the least dirty ones first like the glassware. Next, move onto the eating utensils and plates. 

Save the best (or dirtiest) for last! Tackle those pots and pans last, and add some more dishwashing liquid to finish the job. Let those pans soak while you start with the other dishes to help loosen up some stubborn food.

How to Wash Dishes Fast: Now You Know!

Use the tips above and you know how to wash dishes fast. Imagine taking away some of the other cleaning chores.

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