how to clean mold out of washing machine

Is your laundry coming out smelling a little less fresh these days? That could be a sign that there’s mold growing in your washer, and if you don’t do something to get rid of that mold fast, you could wind up dealing with something much more severe than smelly clothes.

Are you wondering how to clean mold out of a washing machine but aren’t sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

Here are five ways to take care of mold build up in your washing machine.

1. Upgrade!

If you’re tired of having to deal with mold in your washer, it may be a sign that it’s time for a new machine.

Many new washing machines come with built-in microbial defense features, which means your washer will kill off any potential mold before it ever gets the chance to grow.

2. Wipe Out the Gasket

Is your washer a front loader?

While front loaders have a reputation for being a little more structurally reliable than their top-loading counterparts, they do come with one major flaw: the gasket.

The gasket is the rubber ring that surrounds the door and keeps water from leaking out while the machine is on. And although this feature is essential, these rings trap a lot of moisture and can become breeding grounds for mold.

So, if you have a front loader, make sure to wipe out the gasket with a little bleach regularly to keep it clean and mold-free.

3. Try a Laundry Additive

You may be wondering why you need to clean a device that’s supposed to handle the cleaning for you. Well, thanks to antimicrobial laundry additives, you may be able to make your washing machine clean itself — at least a little.

While you should still wipe out your gasket and let your machine air dry between cycles, antimicrobial laundry additives will help stop any future mold growth in its tracks and keep your machine smelling fresh.

4. Sanitize Your Machine

If you have a lot of built-up deposits of mold, soap scum, and grime already in it, then trying to wipe it down could prove to be a pretty challenging task. Your best course of action, at this point, is to sanitize your machine.

Add a few cups of bleach (between two and four) directly into your washer’s drum. Then, start a short cycle and set the water temperature to as high as you can.

If possible, once the drum fills up with water, pause the cycle and allow the water and bleach to sit in the machine for at least 30 minutes. When the cycle completes, run a quick rinse cycle to wash out any remaining bleach, and repeat the entire process using white vinegar.

5. Practice Regular Maintenance

Finally, the only way to get rid of the mold in your machine for good is to start practicing regular washing machine maintenance.

Every six to eight weeks, you should try to wipe out your machine (including the soap tray) with an antimicrobial cleaning solution and run an extra hot, empty load to rinse it out.

Try to make a habit out of leaving your washing machine’s door open when it’s not in use to give the inside a chance to dry out in between loads. Giving your washer the chance to dry will help cut back on the amount of moisture in your washer, which will stop mold before it can grow.

Learning How to Clean Mold Out of a Washing Machine

Now that you know how to clean mold out of a washing machine, it’s time to get to work, getting your washer mold-free and back to keeping your laundry clean and fresh.

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