They’re creepy, they’re crawly, and they’re in your home! One gram of human feces can contain one trillion germs. Even if you wash your hands, germs can get on your toilet, sink, and towels. 

That’s why it’s important to take bathroom cleaning advice seriously. But you can’t get rid of germs by using water and paper towels. You need to follow a few bathroom cleaning tips so you stay safe and clean. 

How can you learn how to clean a bathroom? How can you clean your mirrors and toilets? What are things besides germs that you need to look out for? 

Answer these questions and you can have a sparkling bathroom in no time. Here are five essential cleaning tips.

1. Use Other Types of Cleaning Supplies

You may buy expensive chemicals and tools at the store to clean your bathroom. But you can repurpose many ingredients and household tools for your bathroom. 

You can remove grime from your shower, toilet, and mirror with white vinegar. When mildew is growing between your tiles or in hard-to-reach areas, you can use dish brushes and baking soda to remove it. 

The best way to clean a toilet is with a toilet bowl cleaner. Allow your cleaner to soak in the toilet bowl for a minute before using a disinfectant to spray the exterior and clean the seat.

2. Clean Your Floors Regularly

Dust can gather on your floor in just a few hours. You should clean your bathroom floors multiple times a week. 

You can suck up the dust with a handheld vacuum cleaner, or you can use antibacterial wipes. Do not use a foamy floor cleaner, as this can create a residue. Try using sprays and liquid cleaners without bleach in them.

3. Be Careful With Your Mirrors

You should clean your mirror whenever you notice debris or streaks on it. You can put a little rubbing alcohol on a cloth and then rub it over your mirror.

Do not use circular motions to clean the glass, as you risk making the streaks longer. If the rubbing alcohol does not work, you can buff your mirror with white vinegar.

4. Promote Ventilation

Mold likes to grow in humid and hot areas. You should remove humidity from your bathroom by opening the windows during your showers. 

If you spill any water, you should clean it up with a dry paper towel. This includes water on the rim of your bathtub, as mold can grow in between your tiles there. You can get rid of mold by spraying hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar on the spores you see.

5. Inspect Your Bathroom

If you have cabinets and closets in your bathroom, you should go through them at least once a week. Check for signs of pests, including spiders and moths. 

Remove any stains on fabrics or surfaces that you see. For toothpaste and watermarks, you can use a little cold water and a dry rag to remove them.

Follow Great Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Bathroom cleaning tips can create a clean sink and a clean life. You can use ingredients in your pantry and kitchen tools to clean your bathroom. 

You should prioritize your floor and mirror, as they can get dirty every day. Use white vinegar if you ever notice mold, and slow the spread of mold by dehumidifying your room. Do a top-to-bottom inspection of your bathroom every week for any pests and stains. 

If you’re having trouble with cleaning, touch base with a cleaning crew. Lemon Blossom Cleaning Services serves the McKinney area. Get a quote today.