furniture cleaning mistakes

Each year, Americans dump billions into restoring damaged furniture. Half of that furniture cost over $500 when it got purchased, and 21% cost over $1,000. That’s a hefty price tag, so it makes sense to invest in keeping your furniture in good shape for as long as possible.

What you may not know, though, is that you could be damaging your furniture with your cleaning habits! Are you sure that you’re not making costly furniture cleaning mistakes?

Rather than risking it, read this article to verify that you’re not.

1. Using the Wrong Cleaning Chemicals

The minute a beverage gets spilled, you run for your go-to cleaning product. Is it safe on your furniture, though?

Instead of having one cleaner, you should have a specific one for each type of furniture. If you use the wrong chemicals, then you could cause irreparable damage.

2. Forgoing the Test Patch Process

So, how do you know which cleaner is right for each piece of furniture? You need to go through the test patch process before a spill happens.

This process involves using a cleaner on one small area of your furniture. Let it soak and dry. Then, check to ensure that the furniture isn’t discolored or damaged.

3. Not Reading the Manufacturer’s Guidelines

How often do you neglect reading through the manufacturer’s guidelines? In the age of technology, it’s all-too-common for us to not read the terms and conditions online. Despite that, you don’t want to neglect them when it comes to furniture.

A manufacturer’s guidelines explains how to care for your furniture. It should explain the right cleaning process and chemicals to use. It’ll even give you health and safety guidelines to abide by, too.

4. Cleaning Too Much

Did you know that you can over clean your furniture?

That’s right! Cleaning too much can damage your furniture by removing the top protective layer. If the furniture is wooden or made of fabric, then too much humidity can damage it, too.

5. Not Hiring a Professional

Cleaning your furniture should be a part of your recurring house cleaning routine. While you don’t want to over-do it, you don’t want to neglect your center pieces, either. One of the biggest mistakes you could make is to not hire a professional.

Hiring a professional is beneficial because they won’t make the above mistakes. They’ll save you money in the long-run and help keep your entire home looking pristine.

An investment into a cleaning company is an investment into your future.

Furniture Cleaning Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Have you ever made one of the furniture cleaning mistakes listed above? We’ve all been guilty of at least one of them in the past! Moving forward, it’s time to stop throwing money into the trash by failing to care for our furniture.

Instead, invest in your home by enlisting the help of cleaning professionals.

Here at Lemon Blossom Cleaning Services, we’ll take extra care with your furniture. We know how to leave your home sparkling and fresh. Leave your contact information on our online form now to check out our availability.