home Air quality

The inside of your house isn’t always much cleaner than the outside of it. There are many things inside of your home that could be threatening to the air quality. You might be having a hard time breathing because of things found within your home.

Did you know that cleaning products and other scents can affect home air quality? Various scents may be causing your case of sneezes or even migraines. It might be time to take a closer look at what you’re spraying.

If you’ve been stuffed up easily it might be time to look over what could be affecting your health. Here are 3 areas that you may want to keep a closer eye on.

1. Vacuuming Goes a Long Way

You should regularly be vacuuming your home. It should be one of those routines that you don’t miss. Vacuuming allows you to clean up dust and other pollutants that may end up on your floor.

More so than just your floor, particles on the ground may be affecting the air in your home and causing a toxic air quality.

Be sure to also be changing your vacuum filter regularly as well. This is one of the best ways to promote fresh air inside of your home. Regular cleaning without harsh chemicals is beneficial to your health too.

2. Certain Scents Affect Your Health

Not everything you spray in your home is good for you to breathe in. Some of these scents may actually be making you sick. Checking the labels on your products is a must.

Cutting out things such as sprays and candles entirely may sound impossible. Instead of cutting them out, it may be helpful to use them in moderation. allocate certain times for candles and sprays.

Be careful when it comes to overusing these types of things. By cutting your usage down, you restore some of the air in your home. You don’t have to cut products out entirely.

3. Ventilation While Cooking Is Important

Some forms of cooking may be making the air in your home toxic. When you fry foods, toxins tend to hang around in your home longer. Things such as smoke aren’t good for you to breathe in.

Always make sure that your cooking area is properly vented. Opening up the windows or turning on a fan may reduce the air pollution when you cook. Vent your home so that the air inside of it is circulating and you aren’t breathing in anything you shouldn’t be.

Good ventilation is one of the most important parts of indoor air quality.

Is Your Home Air Quality Safe?

If these are areas you haven’t looked into it’s time to go about fixing that. Your home air quality is just as important as your outside air quality. Make sure you know what you are breathing in.

When it comes to other cleaning issues, we can help you. Contact us today to get your home in the right condition. We’re the experts in making your house breathable once again.