deep clean

Do you think your house needs more than the general house cleaning it receives once in a while? Well, consider getting a deep clean from a reputable house cleaning service.

A deep clean will cost you more than standard house cleaning. This is because it entails cleaning almost every part of your home that requires special attention. A deep clean is essential when you’re moving into a new house, preparing for the holidays, or planning an event at your home.

Typically, what is included in a deep house cleaning checklist varies from one company to the other. It’s essential to find out the specific cleaning tasks offered by the company you want to hire. That will give you a clear view of what to expect.

It’s good to note that every ‘deep clean’ involves the ‘basic house cleaning.’ But, extra attention is given when cleaning each item or area for a more thorough polish.

Here is a deep house cleaning guide showing what is commonly included in a deep clean:

Deep Cleaning the Living and Sleeping Areas

This involves cleaning almost all the items within the living rooms and bedrooms. It includes:

· Emptying trash and sanitizing trash cans

· Vacuuming, cleaning and making beds

· Dusting and wiping down lampshades, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and mats or rugs

· Vacuuming carpets and floors

· Vacuuming and cleaning mirrors, picture frames, furniture, and upholstery

· Wiping down windowsills and dusting blinds

· Vacuuming and dusting vents, closets, and baseboards

· Removing cobwebs and any other insect habitats

· Sweeping and mopping floors

· Wiping down doors and doorframes

· Vacuuming and wiping clean any cabinets and drawers

Deep Cleaning the Kitchen

This entails vacuuming and cleaning any appliance or area in the kitchen that has dirt build-up. Kitchens are one of the most used spaces in a home. They accumulate dirt fast, and a deep clean is essential to make them sparkle again. A kitchen deep clean entails:

· Cleaning the inside and outside of the hood

· Cleaning the oven inside out

· Cleaning the fridge, microwave, and dishwasher thoroughly.

· Vacuuming and mopping the kitchen floor

· Wiping and washing kitchen furniture such as breakfast table and chairs

· Cleaning the kitchen windows and doors

· General dusting and washing of individual appliances

· Vacuuming and washing inside cabinets and drawers

· Scrubbing countertops and sinks

· Disinfecting sinks and trash cans

Deep Cleaning the Bathroom and Laundry Areas

The bathroom and laundry areas also attract dirt accumulation easily. They should be well cleaned often to avoid dirt build up. A bathroom deep clean entails:

· Cleaning and disinfecting shower heads and shower cubicles

· Thoroughly scrubbing and disinfecting bathroom tiles- both floor and wall tiles

· Dusting and wiping doors and door frames

· Removing trash cans and disinfecting them

· Cleaning and disinfecting toilets and bathroom sinks

· Cleaning and shining bathroom mirrors

· Vacuuming and washing carpets, rugs, and mats

A Deep Clean Is Crucial!

If you want your house to start shining again, consider a deep clean today! A professional home cleaning service like ours will ensure all the critical areas of your home get a special touch.

Contact us today for both basic and deep house cleaning services!