professional maid services

How much time do you spend cleaning each week? The average American puts in 6 hours every week just to clean, and 28% of people clean for over 7 hours a week. Professional maid services let you reclaim that time, so your free time is your own.

Choosing the right cleaning service isn’t as easy as searching for local companies. Evaluating each company helps you choose one that’s reliable and will clean your home to your standards.

Check out these tips for choosing a professional cleaning service.

Check on Services

Before you do too much research, make sure the company offers the specific cleaning services you want. Most companies offer a list of cleaning services on their website. Compare that list to your needs.

Most companies offer deep and standard cleaning in one or more rooms. Some offer special cleaning services, such as cleaning when you move in or out and cleaning up after renovations.

If green cleaning products and methods are important to you, check with the company to see if they offer that option.

Verify Coverage

You want a cleaning service that is properly licensed and bonded for your own protection. The company’s liability insurance is there to pay for any damage done to your property while the company cleans. You also want a company that has worker’s compensation insurance, which pays for employees’ injuries on the job.

Ask About Employees

You’re allowing cleaners to come into your home, so you want to know they’re trustworthy. Ask if the company runs background checks on their employees to help you feel comfortable with the company.

You can also ask about the training and qualifications of the employees. Make sure they have proper training to ensure they clean your home well without causing damage.

Read Reviews

The experiences of other people can be a good indicator of a company’s reliability. Look at online reviews for red flags or repeated complaints. One or two complaints might just be from a picky client, but lots of issues with many different clients could indicate a quality problem.

You can also see ratings for different companies, which can give you an overall idea of their quality.

Get Price Quotes

Maid service pricing can vary widely from one company to the next. On average, cleaning a house runs between $90 and $150.

The specific price you pay can depend on a variety of factors, including the specific services you choose and the number of cleaners who come to your home. Getting free quotes from the cleaning companies you’re considering helps you compare costs.

Lowest isn’t always best, especially if one company is a lot cheaper than the rest. It could be a sign of lower quality standards.

Find the Best Professional Maid Services

Sorting through the professional maid services can seem overwhelming, but comparing them using the above criteria helps you find the best fit for you. The research helps you find an affordable and trustworthy brand that will leave your home clean and sanitized.

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