A recent survey revealed that 45% of people found moving more stressful than getting a divorce or having kids. Once you’re finally moved in, you want to unpack and relax, not worry about cleaning. 

Whether moving into a new house or an apartment, a move-in cleaning service can give you the peace of mind you need. Not convinced yet? Here are some of the biggest time-saving benefits of hiring a cleaning service when moving in. 

A Move-In cleaning Service Helps You Settle In

You have no idea how clean the last tenant or homeowner was before your move. For instance, they might not have scrubbed the tub well or sanitized the little nooks and crannies inside the fridge. 

After a move, you’ll likely be exhausted and in no mood to break out the broom and bleach. While landlords should have an apartment cleaned after a tenant leaves, they don’t always do a good job. And if you’re buying a home, there’s no guarantee the last homeowner ever hired cleaning services. 

You can settle in sooner if you schedule a cleaning company to come and help. 

Professionals Know Where to Clean

One of the biggest benefits of a move-in cleaning service is that professionals know which areas of the home collect dirt, grime, and bacteria and how to clean those spots. They pay attention to all the small details. 

They also have all the right tools for the job. If you’ve recently moved, you may have to rebuy the cleaning essentials or stock up on any you’re missing. 

Plus, it’s likely you’ll want to get a deep cleaning service when moving in, so you can feel truly comfortable. 

A Cleaning Company Is Fast and Efficient

Professionals can make a place pristine in less time than it would take someone who’s less experienced. As we mentioned, they have all the tools for the job, and they know the most efficient way to clean an area from top to bottom. 

As a result, you save time and can adjust to your new home sooner. 

It’s Convenient

Whether you’re interested in a one-time move-in or move-out cleaning or you want to set up a recurring service, it’s easy and convenient to do so. 

Having a cleaning company come back every week or month also helps keep your home spotless. You don’t have to worry as much about forgetting to deep clean the fridge or dust all your ceiling fans when you have a professional company help, which takes some of the stress off of you. 

And if you’re too busy to clean yourself, you can schedule recurring, more frequent services. The best part about professional cleaning companies is that they offer various options to suit different needs. 

Schedule a Move-In Cleaning Service

If you’re planning a move soon, make sure to set up a move-in cleaning service to prepare your new home for your arrival. It’ll mean less stress on you and allow you more time to unpack and unwind.

Want to learn more about our move-in cleaning services? Get a cleaning quote today or inquire about the other options we offer.