how often to clean bathroom

Our bathrooms are teeming with countless bacteria, fungi, and more. What are you doing to tackle one of the germiest rooms in your house?

Neglecting your bathroom can cause worse problems than a gross countertop or smelly toilet. The potential viruses, bacteria, and mold on bathroom surfaces can cause serious health problems.

Is there a right way and a wrong way to scrub your tub? How much is too much attention spent cleaning out grout?

We’ll give you the best schedule to make sure your bathroom sparkles. Here’s the definitive answer to how often to clean bathroom surfaces and more.

Know How Often to Clean Bathroom

The main answer to how often to clean a bathroom is once a week. While that’s a good rule of thumb, there’s more to know beyond this simple decision.

Everyone’s homes and routines are different, and no two surfaces are the same. Keep reading for more info about how often to clean certain spots in your home.

Cleaning the Toilet

Cleaning the toilet is American’s most hated chore. However, it has to be done no matter what.

If you live alone, give your toilet a nice scrub once every few days. If you have kids or a lot of roommates, scrub for bowl stains every day and give the outside a good wipe down with an antibacterial spray.

Cleaning the Tub

The tub itself should be cleaned with a bathroom cleaner that has bleach at least once a week. Don’t forget that your shower curtain contributes to the cleanliness of this area and give it some attention.

Throw your shower curtain and liner into the washer once every three months or any time you notice a big buildup of mold. Replace items like loofahs or sponges every three months, too.

Cleaning the Sink

Sinks are excellent harbors of bacteria. We’re constantly touching them and their handles, spouts, and basins accumulate tons of bacteria, hair, dirt, and grime.

Give your sink a wipe down once a day. Don’t neglect the mirror either; wipe it down with a microfiber cloth once a day, too.

Cleaning Mats and Towels

Our bathmats and towels are soft, plush, and warm for us right as we step out of the shower. They’re also great places for bacteria and dirt to live.

Clean your mats once a week and your towels after every four uses. It’s a good idea to completely replace your bathmats after three months, too.

How Often to Clean Your Bathroom

Now you know the answer to how often to clean bathroom surfaces, tubs, toilets, sinks, and more. Make a bathroom cleaning checklist so that you never fall behind.

Keep a few bathroom cleaning supplies handy. That way you’ve always got a wipe or scrubber nearby and make it easy to keep your bathroom clean.

You and your family deserve to have a home that’s sparkling, clean, and healthy. Maintaining a freshly scrubbed bathroom is part of that.

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