Coffee, tea, and chocolate have two things in common. They’re all comforting pick-me-ups that can also stain your carpet.

Don’t worry, even if you live in a home with carpet you can still indulge every once in a while.

Getting a fresh stain on the carpet is one thing, but what about when you find an old stain? You’ll stand there wondering how it got there and why it took so long for you to notice it.

Luckily, you can make old carpet look like new again with the right cleaning products. Read on to learn how to remove old stains from carpets.

Mistakes to Avoid When Removing Carpet Stains

First, never rub a stain. It can make the stain go deeper and damage the carpet. Instead, you should use a towel to blot.

Before treating a stain, pick up any debris whether it’s spilled food or a pet mess. If it’s a liquid mess, press a towel into the stain until the carpet feels dry.

Also, don’t pour water directly on the carpet. It can make the stain worse. Water can soak through the carpet and into the pad, which can lead to mildew.

You should always use a white cloth or towel to clean a stain. A white towel won’t transfer unwanted color to the carpet. Plus, you’ll be able to see if your removal method is working.

How to Remove Old Stains from Carpets: 4 Ways

Before using any of these solutions, spot test a hidden area of your carpet to make sure it doesn’t damage the carpet.

If these home remedies don’t work, it might be time to try store-bought cleaning products. You can also try a carpet shampooer.

1. Water + Dish Soap

Mix 1/4 teaspoon of dish soap with 1 cup of water in a spray bottle. Spray a white cloth and dab the stain. To rinse out the soap, spray a clean cloth with cold water and blot.

2. Ammonia + Water

Mix 1 tablespoon of household ammonia with 1/2 cup of hot water. If it’s a bloodstain you need to use cold water. Hot water makes blood proteins bind to soft materials.

Spray the solution onto the stain and work it in with a plastic bristle brush. Let it sit for an hour. Then, blot the stain with a towel to remove all moisture.

3. Baking Soda + Vinegar Water

Cover the stained area in a thin layer of baking soda. Mix a solution of half water and half white vinegar. Spray the vinegar solution on the baking soda to make a dry paste and let it sit for a few hours.

Then, scrub the paste with a plastic bristle brush and use a vacuum to suck up the paste.

4. Warm Iron + Clean Towel

Fill your iron with water and set it to steam. Lay a towel over the stain and run your iron over it. The stain should transfer onto the towel, so rotate it every 15-20 seconds.

Hire Professional Cleaning Services

Sometimes, a stain is too strong for home cleaning products. If you’ve got a stubborn stain, consider calling a professional cleaner.

We’ve been in the house cleaning industry for over 10 years, so we how to remove old stains from carpets. Get a quote today and we’ll take care of your cleaning needs.