Did you know that the same cleaning products you use to make your house safer from germs can actually be harming your health? Although the idea of it is scary, it’s no cause for panic. 

There are safe cleaning products available that effectively get rid of germs while posing little to no risks to your health or the environment. Here, we give our professional insights into how to choose safe cleaning products. Keep reading to learn how you can make the switch to a safe home cleaning routine. 

What Makes a Cleaning Product Safe?

Products considered to be safe or green are generally safer cleaning products because they contain no hazardous chemicals. Although the term refers to many different cleaning practices, for the most part, green cleaning products share the following characteristics:

  • Comes in biodegradable or recyclable packaging
  • Contains no artificial colors or fragrances 
  • Has no phosphates or chlorine 

Remember, looking at the label is not enough. Thus, always check a cleaning product’s ingredients list before you buy. 

Steer Clear of Certain Ingredients 

Choosing safe cleaning products is easy when you know what ingredients to avoid. Steer clear of any home cleaning products that contain one or more of the following chemicals ingredients:

  • Ammonia
  • Chlorine 
  • Formaldehyde 
  • Perchloroethylene (PERC)
  • Sodium Hydroxide 
  • 2-Butoxyethanol 

Any one of these ingredients can cause adverse reactions to your skin or your sensory or internal organs and should be avoided or used with extreme caution.  

Benefits of Using Safe Cleaning Products 

There are many benefits to making the switch to safe cleaning products.

For instance, because there are no hazardous chemicals in green cleaning products, they are less likely to cause any adverse reactions or health problems. Moreover, these products are much safer and more suitable for use around people with sensitive or weak immune systems. 

Safer for the Environment 

Not only is using safe cleaning products safer for you and those around you, but it’s also safe for the environment. Hazardous chemicals found in cleaning products have the potential to wash into streams and rivers, causing water pollution. 

Easier on Your Wallet 

The benefit of switching to safe cleaning products is that they are available at all price ranges. In fact, you likely have inexpensive cleaning products sitting around your home already, like baking soda, lemons, and vinegar. 

Let the Professionals Clean for You

You don’t have to take a DIY approach to clean your home with safe products. At Lemon Blossom, we offer green cleaning services to residents throughout North Texas. You can sit back and relax while we clean your home with safe cleaning products.

Know Your Options for Safe Cleaning Products 

If you aren’t using safe cleaning products, then now is the time to make the switch. Chase away those germs and get the same quality clean when you use safe cleaning products.

If are looking for a cleaning service in the McKinney area with a passion for and knowledge of safe cleaning products, then look no further! Contact our team at Lemon Blossom for a home cleaning quote today.