how to clean a mop head

There’s nothing better than the immaculate sparkle of a floor mopped moments prior. Unfortunately, your mop may be hiding a dirty secret!

Studies show that some mop heads carry more than eight million bacteria per 100 centimeters squared! That means some floors are dirtier after mopping! 

The only way to remedy this disaster is to clean your mop… but how?

There are a few ways to clean and sanitize your mop so you can ensure it lives as long a life as possible.

We know exactly what to do to make that mop spic ‘n’ span. Keep reading to learn some valuable tips and tricks about how to clean a mop head!

Pre-Wash Rinsing

The initial step to a clean mop happens right after mopping your floor the right way.

Rinse out your bucket and fill it with hot water; the hotter the better.

Tip: If you add a few ounces of white vinegar into the hot water it helps to release any grease or oil from your mop.

Then soak your mop in the vinegar solution for a few minutes. After soaking, rinse the mop head until the water runs clear.

How to Clean a Mop Head

Even if you rinse your mop clean after each use, it will still need a thorough washing for sanitization. Depending on which kind of mop you own, there are a couple methods to choose from.

Mops with Detachable Heads

Some mops have mop heads that detach from the pole end. These can go straight into the washing machine.

Note: Be careful what you are washing it with. You do not want mop dirt to transfer onto your delicate undergarments or your favorite jeans.

If your mop is one of the sponge variety, do not despair! Instead of the washing machine, deposit your sponge mop heads into the dishwasher!

Mops with Fixed Heads

Many people prefer natural products like vinegar for home cleaning. We recommend using bleach instead of vinegar for disinfecting your mop. 

Vinegar is not listed as a proper disinfectant and cannot kill dangerous bacteria like the ones that cause a staph infection.

If you cannot remove your mop’s head, fill a bucket with equal parts water and bleach. Then dunk your mop into the solution and let it sit for at least 15 minutes.

After the soak, rinse the mop until the water runs clear to make sure to neutralize all the bleach.


Another common error people encounter in mop care is how and when to store it.

Be sure to air dry the mop head completely before storage in a cool dry place which is off the ground.

If any moisture remains in the middle of the mop, it could propagate mold.

How Often to Replace Your Mop

No matter how meticulous you are about cleaning your mop after each use, it will need replacing from time to time.

A good rule of thumb is to toss your old mop head and get a new one every 2-3 months; sooner if it looks too discolored or grimy.

It’s a Clean Sweep!

Now that you know how to clean a mop head, its time to break out those rubber gloves and get to work.

We have acquired tons of knowledge and experience with cleaning messes of all shapes and sizes.

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