Deep Cleaning

You’ve cleaned your house tons of times. Hasn’t everyone? But have you ever deep cleaned your house? There’s a world of difference between regular house cleaning and deep cleaning. Curious as to what the differences are? We’re going to get into them below.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is the type of cleaning that homeowners perform every day. It involves not only the vacuuming and mopping of floors but the base-level cleaning of countertops, sinks, bathtubs, and other surface-level entities.

This type of cleaning occurs more frequently but is not nearly as intense as deep cleaning. It can generally be completed in under an hour and is usually performed sporadically throughout a given day or days.

There is no vigorous scrubbing associated with regular cleaning. You might wipe a towel across a countertop to remove crumbs or spilled milk but you won’t use it in an attempt to remove tough stains, for instance. The latter is an example of deep cleaning.

However, just because it isn’t as intensive doesn’t mean that regular cleaning isn’t important. Regular cleaning is vital when it comes to the prevention of residue buildup and the making of a presentable and habitable home.

When you hire someone to perform regular house cleaning services, you can expect a clean house. It just won’t be an impeccable one.

Deep Cleaning

In comparison to regular cleaning, deep cleaning is much more intensive. Whereas regular cleaning covers the surface-level entities, deep cleaning goes beyond the surface, resulting in the scouring of little-seen areas.

It will not only ensure that your home looks good from a distance but from centimeters away. For instance, regular cleaning will ensure that your bathtub is generally presentable. Deep cleaning, on the other hand, will ensure that all traces of grime and limescale are eliminated entirely.

It also includes the internal cleaning of ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, and other such appliances. And, unlike with regular cleaning, it also includes moving those appliances away from their corresponding walls so that the areas underneath them can be cleaned as well.

Other entities that are cleaned include baseboards, windows, blinds, and patio doors, to name just a few. But, in truth, when you hire someone to deep clean your home, you can expect the home to be cleaned in its entirety.

Is Your Home in Need of a Deep Cleaning?

Now that you know the difference between regular house cleaning and deep cleaning, you might see that your home is in need of the latter. If so, and if you’re in need of a cleaning service in McKinney, Texas, Lemon Blossom Cleaning Services is the company to call.

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