spring cleaning hacks

The spring clean: nice in theory, but hard work in practice.

Spring cleaning has many benefits, including psychological ones. But there’s no denying it can also be a big job. Anything you can do to make it easier will provide an extra incentive to get it done.

That’s why we’re here. Here are seven spring cleaning hacks to make it a spring breeze!

1. Use White Vinegar for Mold

If you have issues with mold, then you may know that some mold treatments are almost as bad as the cure. They’re often highly toxic and produce harmful fumes.

But vinegar will dissolve mold in a heartbeat and is much safer. Spray on some vinegar, wait a little while, and wipe down.

2. And Windows

Seriously, vinegar is great. You can also use it to break through stubborn stains on windows, allowing you to wipe them down without leaving streaks. Plus, white vinegar is often cheaper than a dedicated window cleaner.

3. And a Bunch of Other Things

Like, seriously great. You can use white vinegar for a range of other spring cleaning duties too, such as cleaning the oven or the shower and even killing weeds. If it’s stubborn, there’s a good chance vinegar will help to shift it.

Just stay away from using it on stone surfaces, as the vinegar can etch the unprotected stone.

4. Dry Wipe Kitchen Surfaces First

A basic tactical error when wiping down the kitchen is to attack it with a wet cloth. That tends to turn old food into new gunk.

Wipe down the counter first with a dustpan and brush or paper towel. You’ll get rid of the dry detritus without sweeping it all onto the floor.

5. Use Citrus to Attack Drains and Water Stains

Citrus substances like lemon juice contain acids that are perfect for attacking water stains like those in your toilet or on your taps. With a few squeezes of citrus, you can move these stubborn stains — and leave behind a pleasant smell.

These acids are also good for breaking down stubborn detritus and limescale in drains, so you can use them to clean out difficult spots like your garbage disposal.

6. Use Your Shower as a Pressure Washer

Spring cleaning sometimes involves taking things apart to clean them. But crusted-on dirt can be hard to shift, even when it’s just dust.

Use your shower head to blast non-electrical items with water. The extra pressure will help to scour things clean.

7. Use a Broom for High Places

Think the broom is only for the floor? Think again.

If you have high ceilings, getting into the corners with a broom can help you tackle cobwebs. Wrap a cloth around the edge of the broom to protect your walls and make picking up the dirt easier.

Spring Cleaning Hacks to Save Time

These spring cleaning hacks will make sure your cleaning doesn’t take you through to the summer. Simple yet effective, they’ll make the job that much easier.  We also recommend you check out a list of common spring cleaning mistakes.

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