bedroom cleaning mistakes

Did you know that cleaning can make you feel less stressed, more inspired and increase your happiness? One of the most important rooms to keep clean is your bedroom.

The bedroom is where you rest, recharge after a long day, and prepare for the next day. While you clean your bedroom regularly, some bedroom cleaning mistakes prevent your bedroom from being truly clean.

Keep reading to learn more about common bedroom cleaning mistakes that you can correct to have a cleaner bedroom!

Not Cleaning Your Bedding Often

Many experts agree that you should be washing your sheets at least once per week. If you have pets or allergies, you need to wash them every 3-4 days.

With that said, the average person washes their sheets every other week instead of once per week. Changing the sheets weekly is an essential part of regular bedroom maintenance.

Using the Wrong Cleaning Products

Using bedroom cleaning products may seem like the best way to clean your bedroom, but most cleaning products contain harmful chemicals.

These products can cause skin irritation, affect people with asthma, and make allergies worse. Instead of using harmful cleaning products, choose to use green products instead.

Forgetting to Dust

Another common bedroom cleaning mistake is forgetting to dust. Dust gathers on surfaces such as your ceiling fan, dresser, TV, and light fixtures. If you fail to dust, you could experience bad allergies.

Using Air Fresheners

While having your bedroom smell fresh sounds like a good idea, you should avoid using air fresheners in your bedroom. Like cleaning products, air fresheners can emit harmful chemicals and can be dangerous for pets if they consume them.

Instead of using air fresheners, you can try using natural options such as soy candles, essential oils, or soy wax melts.

Forgetting to Open a Window

Did you know that you should open a window while you are cleaning? If not, all the dust you clean will float around in the air until it settles again. By opening a window, you can ventilate the room and give the dust a place to escape.

Opening a window can freshen the air in a bedroom, make the space brighter, and can even make you feel happier.

Not Cleaning Under the Bed

When you clean your bedroom floors, do you remember to clean under the bed? Dust, hair, and dirt accumulate under the bed because most people avoid cleaning there.

While it may seem like a hassle, you should move your bed and clean under it. This will make your bedroom cleaner and help reduce allergies.

Do You Make These Bedroom Cleaning Mistakes?

Cleaning is vital for both your physical and your mental health. Because your bedroom is where you recharge, it must be thoroughly cleaned. If you are making these bedroom cleaning mistakes, it is time to change your cleaning routine!

Do you need help deep cleaning your bedroom so that you can relax? We can help! If you live near McKinney, Texas, contact us today to get a quote for our house cleaning service.