laundry room cleaning

Ask yourself this question. How often do you clean your laundry room?

More than likely never, or once in a blue moon. It’s been so long since you last cleaned your laundry room that you forgot how to do it. If this sounds like you, here are some laundry room cleaning tips for you to follow.

Laundry Room Cleaning Tip One Is Clean the Unknown

Now that you remember the last time you cleaned your entire laundry room, when was the last time you cleaned your washer? What about your dryer, is there lent trapped in the vent?

If you never clean a washer before, then follow these steps below to learn how:

  • First, run a regular cycle on hot water. Do not add anything into the washer besides two cups of vinegar
  • Once the washer is filled with water, pause the cycle, and scrub the inside of the washer
  • Start the washer again and let it finish its cycle
  • Once it is done, run another regular cycle on hot with only water

See, cleaning your washing machine is not hard at all. Now, for your dryer, you should use your vacuum cleaner attachment hose to clean its vent and any dust around it. Then use all-purpose cleaning wipes to wipe both machines’ exterior surfaces after you finish cleaning them.

If you like a more detailed step of leaning your washer and dryer, check out this post by the HuffingtonPost.

Next Start Giving Your Laundry Room a Deep Clean

The laundry room is often the one where people do some cleaning, but the room does not. So if you never deep clean your laundry room, don’t be surprised to see the dust bunnies everywhere.

You should wipe down every surface with disinfected wipes to remove dust and debris. Keeping bacteria at bay is essential, as is getting rid of scuffs and stains as soon as possible. It is a good idea to wipe down your laundry room every couple of weeks, depending on how much you use it.

Next, you should freshen the laundry baskets. You may find it to be absurd to take the time to clean hampers and laundry baskets. They only hold dirty clothes, so why clean them?

Eventually, these items will start to smell, but regular cleaning will help keep them fresh. Wet a rag and apply the all-purpose cleaner to the laundry baskets and wipe them off. Before using, let it dry.

The last step of a laundry room deep clean is to mop and sweep the floor. Of course, after doing everything else, you don’t want a dirty floor!

Keeping a Laundry Room Clean Requires Organization

The laundry room is often too small, which makes it challenging to keep it clean. Putting away things and moving around is almost impossible because there is so little space.

So, what’s the secret? Keeping a laundry room clean is all about organizing it. Need some ideas, here’s a few below:

  • You can add a wooden folding station across your washer and dryer to keep clothes from being everywhere
  • Buy a folding drying rack
  • Use a slim rolling laundry cart
  • Make use of the laundry room door
  • Add open shelves to the wall

See, organizing your laundry room doesn’t have to be complicated. You have to be creative with your space.

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