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Did you know that your home’s wellbeing has a definite impact on your own? This is because your home is an extension of yourself. So much so that studies have shown that your perceptions of your living space interact with your overall life satisfaction. Ergo, if your house is cluttered, you’re mind may feel cluttered as well.

Having some professional help will ensure your home stays an oasis.  Continue reading to learn about the residential house cleaning services that will help you destress home maintenance.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Cleaning

Maintenance cleanings are recurring, pre-scheduled home cleaning appointments. You and your house cleaning provider set them up together.

Since every home’s needs are different, some may need TLC every week, while others can get by with once-a-month visits. A good rule of thumb for determining your frequency is by considering the size of your home and how often you’re willing to clean between visits.

For example, you may guess that a young couple in a small apartment would need bi-weekly visits. However, if that same couple works 60 hours a week, chances are they aren’t devoting their free time to house chores. In this case, they would probably opt for weekly visits since they don’t have time for upkeep between cleanings.

Deep Cleaning

Take a clean and damp white rag and use it to run your finger along your baseboard. If it comes up black with dirt, your home may need a deep cleaning. House deep cleaning services are one-time appointments for spaces that need some extra elbow grease.

Some house cleaning services require that you schedule a deep cleaning as the first session to prepare for future maintenance visits. This is because a deep cleaning reaches those out-of-sight, out-of-mind spots around the house that seem to be magnets for dirt. But, then, if you maintain your home with recurring visits, you will usually only need a deep cleaning once a year.

Cleaning for Special Occasions

Sometimes life’s most exciting moments are also the most stressful. Coincidentally, most of those moments involve top-to-bottom house cleaning. Luckily, there’s a one-time whole house cleaning service for every major house milestone.

For example, if you’re moving out of your apartment, your lease likely requires you to deliver the apartment back to the landlord clean. And depending on where you live, your landlord can deduct the cost of cleaning out of your deposit if you fail to do so. In this case, hiring a cleaning service for a move-out cleaning can save you time and a potentially lost deposit.

Alternatively, if you’re moving into a new house and the thought of scrubbing a stranger’s soap scum off of the shower walls gives you the heebie-jeebies, then a move-in cleaning is the perfect solution for you. Allow a team of professionals to return your home to you as a clean slate.

Other one-time situations that warrant a professional cleaning are after a renovation and before or after a special event.

Professional House Cleaning Services Help Keep Your House a Home

There is no greater pleasure in life than kicking back and enjoying the serenity of your own home. When you hire professional local house cleaning services, you get all the benefits of a clean home, with none of the enormous time investment that it takes.

At Lemon Blossom Cleaning Services in McKinney, TX, our quality cleaning paired with exceptional customer service has made us a community favorite since 2008. Contact us to get a quote for cleaning services and reclaim your free time.