Renovation Cleaning in McKinney

Renovating your McKinney home can be even more stressful than moving. Anyone who has ever made additions or changes to their home knows how chaotic it can sometimes be. Lemon Blossom Cleaning Services is experienced in the process of cleaning construction and renovation sites during and after the work is completed. With a keen eye and focus on details, we will make sure your new living space is everything you wanted when you began your remodeling project.

Renovation Cleaning Service Done Right

Many renovation companies say that they will clean up after the renovation is complete. However, often this just means a very cursory cleaning of debris and a light sweeping. There is still so much left to do! The dust from remodeling needs to be cleaned from cabinets, window sills, doors and door-frames, light fixtures, fans, and more. The upholstery needs vacuumed and bathroom and kitchen surfaces cleaned, carpets vacuumed and hard flooring needs mopped, mirrors need polishing and the list goes on!