Do you have enough time to clean? If not, you are one of the 40 percent of Americans that say they don’t have enough time to clean.

Picking up clutter, vacuuming the carpet, and washing dishes are typically top priorities. Looking for the best way to mop? Don’t let your floors go dirty—here are some tips to handle that dirt and grime in no time.

Sweep First

Your floors won’t get very clean if you don’t pick up the dirt first. Mopping your floors will just push it around and can even scratch your floors.

Get Everything Out of the Way (Kids Too)

You will save time in the long run if you move everything out of the way—but don’t drag furniture because it could scratch the floor. Get the kids and pets to go to another room to avoid them walking on your wet floors. You could also schedule a time to mop when no one else is home (or asleep).

If any furniture or items are dirty, make sure you clean them before you move them. That way you are not putting something dirty back on your clean floor.

You will move quickly once everything is out of the way. You won’t have to keep starting and stopping to move something to another room.

Don’t Mop Too Often

Yes, mopping too much can make your floors sticky and trap dirt. Most floors only need mopped once or twice a month. If you have wood floors, too much moisture could do more harm than good.

String Mop Methods

If your floors aren’t too dirty, you may only need to wipe them once with a damp mop. Don’t get the mop too wet. For dirtier floors, you may have to do it twice.

Get the floor wet (not too wet) to loosen up the dirt. Do your edges first and then move to the middle of the floor. Make sure you flip your mop over after using it or dip it into a bucket to get the dirt off.

Microfiber Pad Way

You can also mop with a microfiber pad if you don’t like the traditional string mop. Attach a damp microfiber pad to the mop head. Put the mop head over the pad and use the hooks and loops.

Always Work Toward the Door

To make sure you are not stepping on your clean areas, work your way toward a door. If you do step in the wet area, just run the mop back over it to clean your footprints.

For hallways, mop the sides first and do the center of the floor last. Mop your floor in small 4-6 inch sections at a time to make sure you have enough cleaning solution.

Choose the Right Cleaner

It’s important to choose the right cleaner to make your floor shine. You should use a pH-neutral cleaner for hardwood and avoid getting your floor too wet.

Laminate can get buildup so avoid waxes. You can use a mixture of vinegar and water on vinyl floors for a natural clean. You can use diluted white vinegar on tile floors.

It’s always best to check with your floor’s manufacturer on which type of cleaning product you should use.

Best Way to Mop Final Thoughts

Remember these tips for the best way to mop. You can clean your floors in little time if you do it properly.

If you want your whole house to shine, contact us today for a professional cleaning that saves you time.