From the Desk of Bobbi Taylor, Owner


I am excited to announce that beginning June 1, 2018 Taylor Maid Cleaning Services will become Lemon Blossom Cleaning Services, LLC.

So, what does this mean for you?  Thankfully, not a lot.  Our staff and ownership remain the same – as does our commitment to provide the quality cleaning services you’ve come to expect over the last 10+ years.  You’ll see a different name on your credit card statement or make out checks to the new name.   While our old phone number and email addresses will still work, you may note that we are adding a new number (469-617-7676) and new email along with our name change.

Our ultimate goal is to make the name change as smooth a transition as possible.

Why the name change?  First, it was not an easy decision.  When we launched Taylor Maid Cleaning Services in 2008, the name evolved as a natural extension of my name with the added benefit a double meaning, of sorts.

Apparently, the choice of name was a good one because now – 10+ years later – several iterations of Taylor Maid/Tailor Maid/Tailormaid companies have popped up around Texas – including two new ones in the DFW area!

This has resulted in more than a little confusion for customers, job applicants and even a few employees of the newer companies who have used Google to find their employer’s phone number.  From receiving reviews from customers whom we do not serve to being asked to honor coupons in Houston, things have reached a tipping point.

It is time for a fresh start.  Once again, I am proud to introduce

Formerly Taylor Maid Cleaning Services

Same great service, fresh new name


If you have any questions or concerns, I invite you to call me directly @ 469-617-7676.

Thank you for your business – it is an honor to be invited into your home!


Bobbi Taylor, Owner